Thank You For a Great 2011, And a Happy 2012!

2011 was a great year, big time, and our best ever. It also brought some fundamental changes for us.

This year, we started an experiment with local dealers and international distributors who are basically W fans with neither storefront nor prior experience in the kayak business. This experiment proved to be a success, with all having sold W kayaks, and some even making multiple orders.

We’re looking for new dealers and distributors in the US and overseas, but we’re also expanding our direct sales, such as in Australia, where we’ve started advertising and selling factory direct as a matter of routine.

This year, more than ever before, our clients proved to be a valuable source of information, ideas and support, both for us and for other W clients. They’ve provided interesting trip reports, pictures and movies, innovative rigging solutions, useful tips, product reviews, and some of them have even battled our competitors in online discussion forums that are not always friendly to us 😉  Both our clients and distributors helped us choose the additional Sand color that we introduced this year, and it turned out to be popular among our new clients.

The only things that remained unchanged this year are our absolute commitment to our customers, and the fact that our W kayak has no match when stability, ergonomics, mobility, versatility and overall fishability are concerned. As Rox put it – “nothing like it, nothing better”.



7 thoughts on “Thank You For a Great 2011, And a Happy 2012!”

  1. Happy New Year and congrats Yoav! Jeanne and I are looking forward to holding demos in 2012 and sharing our excitement about Wavewalk kayaks with paddlers in Wisconsin and surrounding states! Lets keep our fingers crossed for an early spring.
    John Fabina
    Brew City Kayaks

  2. And a Very Happy New Year to you and your family Yoav.

    Also a very Happy New Year to all the Wave Walk Owners, and those who just stop in to the blog for a peek.

    I’m honored that you quoted me, but it’s straight from my heart.

    Looking forward to 2012, I’m even hoping for one more trip before the ice comes.

    Take Care and Have a Happy New Year.

  3. Here’s hoping you and your family had a great New Years Yoav and to all of the Wavewalkers out there as well.

    See you out on the water!

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