Sam Wire & Sons Kayak Fishing And Camping In Northern California

I’m finally getting around to sending you some pics of our latest expeditions. We’ve spent a couple weekends camping and fishing in the months of September and October. In Sept, we went to Lake Del Valle, just south of Livermore, CA. Great time, but no fish caught out of the kayak that weekend. In Oct, we took the kayak to Lake San Antonio. This lake is located northwest of Paso Robles. The next two pics show my two sons taking the kayak out fishing at sunrise into one of the coves at Lake San Antonio. The steam rising off the lake is due to the air temp being colder than the water temp that morning. Made for an interesting photo. The last photo is a pic of my temporary milk crate rigging. I say temporary as I haven’t built up the courage to drill holes in the boat for the Scotty rod holders I intend to use. The milk crate is wide enough to span the two hulls and I strap it down with bungees. While I don’t intend to keep this milk crate setup, I include it here for your other customers who may also want a beginner fishing setup while they are deciding what works best for them long term. I know it has helped me learn what I like and what I don’t.
I am loving this vessel and my sons are as well!

Sam Wire
San Jose, CA

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2 boys fishing in tandem in kayak, at Lake Del Valle, N. California
Lake Del Valle, N. California
2 kids in kayak, fishing at sunrise, lake San Antonio, N. California
Lake San Antonio, N. California
2 kids in kayak, fishing at sunrise, lake San Antonio, N. California
Lake San Antonio, N. California

temporary rigging of fishing kayak with crate

5 thoughts on “Sam Wire & Sons Kayak Fishing And Camping In Northern California”

  1. Classic pictures 🙂
    As for the rigging dilemma, this is where the Tite Lok clamp rod holder shines, since you don’t have to drill anywhere in the yak to attach it.

  2. Beautiful pictures like these are the real treasures we collect in life…

  3. Thanks Sam,
    When my 2 boys were smaller, they always wanted to capsize their W300.
    They tried for a couple of years, and one day, at the beach they managed to position it in parallel to shore, and when a wave slammed the boat on its side, they leaned strongly, and did it: they capsized daddy’s kayak! 😀
    I still remember the victorious expression on their faces!

  4. Outstanding job guys. 🙂

    Those Tite Lok rod holders are the best.
    Clamp them anywhere you want, they tilt and turn to any position you need your rod in.
    They shine when you need to troll. 🙂
    Plus no drilling holes in the W.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

  5. Just for the record: Rox is the one who first introduced the Tite Lok clamp mount rod holders to the world of W kayak fishing.
    Many people thank her for this, including me 🙂

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