A Beautiful Day To Paddle And Fish In Ozello, Florida. By Gary Rankel

Bob Smaldone is back so we hit the water in Ozello, Florida to be treated to a beautiful sunrise (notice the great blue heron having breakfast as the sun rises). I managed 2 trout on an otherwise slow, hot day.
Hey, Rox, can you send some of that cool air down this way?

blue heron fishing in sunrise, Florida

fly fisherman paddling his stand up fly fishing kayak, Florida

fisherman fishing in his stand up fly fishing kayak

sunrise on the water, view from fishing kayak at Ozello, FLfisherman holding trout in his fishing kayak, Ozello, FL

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  1. Ted BR

    Nice pictures!

  2. April

    Always a pleasure to see these beautiful images,

  3. Roxanne Davis

    Beautiful pictures Gary. 🙂

    I’ll do my best to send the cool air your way, but I can’t make any
    promises, Mother Nature can be a beach. 🙂

    Good to see Bob has made it out for another trip on the salt…..that’s one heck of
    a commute!!

    Tight lines and paddle safe.

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