Riding Tropical Storm Irene In The Stand Up Kayak

Earlier today we took the W500 kayak to the beach at lake Massapoag, a 1 square mile lake in eastern Massachusetts, on the path of Irene – a tropical storm at that point in time.
The wind was blowing at 35 mph, with long gusts of up to 55 mph, beating the waters of this small lake to waves between 1 and 2 ft high.
Such waves are almost unnoticed when you’re paddling the W500, but paddling standing up against such powerful headwind isn’t easy, as you’ll see in this movie:

Can you jump up and down, and from side to side in the W500? -Absolutely!
Can you fall down with all your weight without losing balance at all, and rise to your feet instantly and with zero effort? -Absolutely!
-Watch this classic video and see for yourself:

The paddler in both videos is middle aged, non athletic, 6 ft tall (1.84 m), and weighs 200 lbs (90.7 kg)- He’s neither a small sized, lightweight guy, nor an athlete who just graduated from college.

The 28.5″ wide W kayak offers unrivaled stability – Much more than any other kayak, including extra wide ones, and even kayaks outfitted with outriggers.
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  1. Jeff McGovern

    Outstanding, hey that’s right! Out there standing in the W500 during a hurricane! Ha! Try that with a sit on top fishing kayak. Wavewalks go where no angler has gone before. W500, the only true world class angling and adventure kayak made today

  2. W kayak

    We took 2 cameras: 1 with a powerful optical zoom mounted on a tripod, and the other, a waterproof camera mounted on a helmet.
    The main (static) camera person couldn’t shoot unless someone held the tripod in place for them, because the wind constantly blew it away….Once it started raining seriously, the main camera went dead, and we tried shooting from shore with the other camera, but we had to stop because the rain chased us out of the beach 😀

  3. John F.

    It’s nice to know if one gets caught in bad weather at least you can depend on the Wavewalk 500 to get you back to shore safely!

  4. Sungjin Kim

    Oh, nooooooo…
    I can’t even dream to paddle like in this situation.
    It’s great!

  5. W kayak

    Just keep paddling, and after some time you’ll be doing things you thought were impossible.
    Practice makes perfect 🙂

  6. Gary Rankel

    Wow, and I have trouble standing in calm water. What’s your secret?

  7. W kayak

    No secret Gary 🙂
    I’m 50 years old, 6 ft, 200 lbs, and not particularly athletic, and it’s easy for me to do this simply because this boat was designed especially for this kind of stuff, and I got some practice… 😛
    If you want to paddle standing up in your W500, all you need to do is decide you’re going to do it, allocate a couple of hours just for this project, find some shallow water (just in case…) – and do it.
    OK, so you’re over 70 years old, and you’ve never paddled standing before, but you’re in good shape, and you have patience, and practice makes perfect 😀

  8. Rox

    Wow, that looks like one wild ride.

    Glad to see the W500 slice through the waves and wind.

    Gary, hope you get the hang of standing, I do most of my paddling standing, unless it is real windy.

    Tight lines and paddle Safe all.

  9. mark hill

    looks good im 113kg and would like to get something like this how much do they cost????

  10. W kayak

    Hi Mark,
    We have a distributor in Australia: http://wavewalk.com.au/
    They’ll be happy to help you,

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