Fishing Kayak Review From Tony DeFusco, New Hampshire Fisherman

Last year, we published this review for the first time, although back then Tony and his daughter Lisa had not sent us pictures. We felt it was important for our elderly visitors, especially those who suffer from serious back problems, to read a testimonial from someone in their condition who enjoys kayak fishing whenever the weather in New Hampshire allows for it…
Now that Lisa sent us these new pictures of her dad in his W500 kayak, we decided to republish this review, and this rime as a full featured fishing kayak review, including even a good looking bass… -Thank you Lisa! 🙂

Elderly New Hampshire kayak fisherman showing bassThe 500 is great. It only took a minimum amount of time of actual paddling to get used to the kayak.
The weather is still bad but I am planning to get out next week and see if I can catch a fish.
My daughter Lisa and I have spent many hours fishing out of the kayaks on the weekends but I have not slimed the 500 yet. Today we had to quit because our hands got so cold.
The 500 is very stable and easy to control. The stability is very important as I had a major surgery on my back last year and somehow it messed up my balance.
You have designed a great craft. Thanks to you I can enjoy fishing again.


New Hampshire kayak fisherman paddling his kayak

Tony hand crafted his own paddle

Kayak fisherman paddling, New Hampshire

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5 thoughts on “Fishing Kayak Review From Tony DeFusco, New Hampshire Fisherman”

  1. What an inspiring review…
    Btw I’ll bet Tony’s diy wooden paddle is worth a special review on its own

  2. Testimonials such as this one have the sweet taste of success, and they make me feel great. By ‘success’ and ‘great’ I don’t mean material things – I mean ‘good’, like in ‘doing good’ and ‘feeling good’.
    Thank you Tony and Lisa! 🙂

  3. That’s what it’s all about. 🙂

    Nice job on the paddle.

    Tight lines and Paddle safe all.

  4. Nice to see you’re still alive you old SOB. 🙂

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