Chris’ Kayak River Trip Report, Massachusetts

I have spent about 35 hours these past two weeks in the W300. I am very comfortable with all aspects of this kayak. Of course, my experience remains with flat water, but as my emails indicate – I am in no hurry to get to any particular level and just enjoy each outing. My personal record paddling while standing is slightly over a mile.

We had a person from Japan embedded in our group at work. He wanted to go kayaking so I borrowed a common kayak for him and we went with another person and his kayak to the Quinebog River in Brimfield, off of Route 20. We did about 12 miles. Unfortunately I had to do about six of those miles in the common kayak I borrowed for our visitor. What a pain it is to adjust the back support and the foot rests to get a comfortable paddling position. Also the kayak zig-zagged with each stroke because it did not have a keel or natural tracking action (nor did I initially have the paddling expertise to correct this). Since I came to the W300 with only canoe experience, I did not realize what I was (fortunately) missing. I was never so happy to get back into my W300. Meanwhile, my friend with the other kayak took the W300 while our visitor took his. He was very happy with the W300 and understood immediately how this was absolutely superior for fishing. He was standing and looking around bends and over marsh grass in no time and he loved the space inside the kayak and the ability to have fishing gear on the flat saddle while changing up lures. I had to politely ask him not to lead the group because I could not keep up with him in the W300 while I was in the borrowed kayak.

I went out by myself for some 6, 7 and 8 hours at a time on the water days. I now have the tell tale W kayaker tan/burn on my upper knee.

Anyway, thought I would drop you a line – so to speak.


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4 thoughts on “Chris’ Kayak River Trip Report, Massachusetts”

  1. When I paddle up a river I do it in the riding position, and when I paddle down river I try to go standing up, as much as possible. Paddling standing in a W going downstream is a blissful experience.


  2. I tried doing some SUP on a board, just to find i was unstable and uncomfortable even on perfectly still water, and I couldn’t sit when I felt like it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone in their right mind..

  3. I must be in my right mind after all 😀 since I never felt the need to try paddling standing on one of those boards 😛

  4. What a great trip, your guest from Japan must have been very grateful to you after you switched the W300 for the traditional yak.

    I love my W300 and my W500, and so do my friends.

    Tight lines and Paddle Safe all.

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