Stan Trojanowski’s Amphibious Fishing Kayak, South Carolina

The kayak turns into an amphibious vehicle ready to land anywhere. I am thinking about adapting the existing carrying handles as nooses to hold the pipe and make the wheel pipe frame rotate/ swinging in and out, like a plane landing gear.

I’ve created a solution how to mount a balloon wheel (see in between the hulls, to be able to move the kayak on land by pushing it like a wheel barrow.
Others have done it with elaborate frames or with straps.

I wanted to be able to leave it on the kayak permanently and swing it up while on water. My reasoning was-

  1. One wheel allows for better maneuverability than two (there is a reason for wheelbarrow to have one wheel only)
  2. One large wheel is better than 2 smaller ones when going over rough terrain
  3. Finally  one wheel is better because of space. It fits nicely between the hulls and can remain attached while on water. The kayak turns into an amphibious vehicle ready to land anywhere.

My idea evolved from John Putnam’s kayak wheel design, and I wanted to improve on it such that I do not have to carry the frame with the wheel. My biggest challenge was how to attach/mount this contraption. I thought it would be best to rivet some pipe clamps to the top surfaces of the hulls.

The only modification needed to this solution is to use longer pipe for the top mount axle (shaft), to keep it from falling out from under the clamps.


Fishing kayak rigged with a broad carrying wheel. Front view

Fishing kayak rigged with a broad carrying wheel

Fishing kayak rigged with a broad carrying wheel. Side view

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9 thoughts on “Stan Trojanowski’s Amphibious Fishing Kayak, South Carolina”

  1. Stan…I like this adaptation. Could you confirm the size of the wheeleez wheel you used. I checked out the site and it appears you used the largest beach wheel size. Also, the frame seems to be aluminum as are the axles. Where did you find the frame, or, how did you adapt something you might have already had lying around? Very clever and fairly simple set-up!

  2. Stan, what a awesome set up!
    I really like that and I’m going to have to make one.
    I have a cart, but strapping it and storing it on shore hidden in the bushes hoping no one steals it would be a thing of the past with that wheel!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Tight lines and Paddle safe all.

  3. interested in buying the tire and accessories to assemble on the 500. Do I need to call a dealer? Is there a kit or do I need to figure it out. thanks and like your idea.

  4. Randy,
    Wheeleez has dozens of dealers in California. You can find a list of them on the company website.

  5. Stan,
    I bought the 30cm wheel with 3/4″ bushing opening….right out of the box I noticed both bearings on each side felt like there was sand in each bearing. Wasn’t rotating as smooth as I anticipated. Did you remember experiencing this problem? I know these are inferior bearings but I took apart to lube a little with dry lube which is recommended for sand conditions…still not butter smooth. I’m thinking they will break in after a while but not sure?? Let me know. By the way cool wheel design!
    – Lou

  6. Stan, this is the one I want. Would you make one and send it to me for a reasonable profit?

  7. PS. Now we know where the phrase “Stan the Man” came from, Wheelmaster. 🙂

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