How To Attach 2 Fishing Kayaks On Top Of A Car

This photo shows how easy it is to attach 2 W500 fishing kayaks on top of a car:

Two fishing kayaks on top of a car

There’s no need for special kayak racks, or any other accessory. The straps hold the kayaks together, as well as to the car rack, and they prevent the kayaks from going back and forth.

For extra safety, we recommend using more than 2 straps, because stuff happens.

Also, remember it’s better to avoid strapping kayaks and canoes in direct contact with metals bars, since these can heat on hot, sunny days, and the combination of heat and pressure isn’t good for plastic.

You can insulate metal bars using rubber, foam, cardboard, and even a blanket could do.


  1. Gary J

    How much worry is there about stress on the hull if the W500 is stored frequently on its side like in the photo?? I worry about the weight of one hull causing some deformation.

  2. Gary J

    Would it be better if it were stored on its side to get some styrofoam and use it as a spacer/support between the 2 hulls (under the seat area)??

  3. W kayak

    Generally, any combination of heat plus pressure on any plastic kayak isn’t recommended.


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