Paddling The W Kayak In Tandem – Movie

This video shows two adult paddlers in the W500 kayak. Their weight plus their gear’s weight amounts to a total of 350 lbs.
From watching this movie it’s clear to see this kayak is suitable for paddling when loaded with additional weight, but we recommend to avoid loading it more, doing so would affect its performance.

The W500 works as a perfect canoe as well, both solo and tandem. You can paddle it canoe-style, using single blade (canoe) paddles.

BTW, depending on their size, the W500 can fit more passengers:

Wavewalk-Kayak-Neville-Tassie (Tasmania)

More about tandem paddling and fishing trips on board W kayaks:

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NEW: The W700 Series, a full tandem with a 580 lbs load capacity and a roomier cockpit »

Yellow and Orange tandem fishing kayak top-view 640

Note the 7’8″ long, broader cockpit, and the wider hulls


The W700 makes a perfect full-size tandem kayak – There is simply no other kayak or canoe out there that even comes close as far as stability, comfort, tracking, and ease of paddling are concerned.  The W700 weighs just 80 lbs, so even one person can car-top without help, as well as paddle and motorize. Watch the W700 as a two-person car-top motorboat:

This video is best viewed when set to 720 HD (high definition)


  1. QSK

    Good movie. While not the fastest kayak out there, the little w500 glides nicely even with two passengers

  2. Jeff McGovern

    Nicely done guys. Shows the speed and comfort even two folks can have in a W500. The boat moves along well and would easily out run any tandem sit on top out there.

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