Clamp Mounted Side Mount For Fishing Kayak Electric Trolling Motor

Various vendors offer clamp mounts for electric trolling motors, for canoes. Some of these motor mounts fit our W500 kayak.

Here is an example of such mount that works with our W500:

The main advantages of this type of motor mount are -

Good Comfort
The steering handle is conveniently located on your side, and does not require that you turn sideways or backward, or hold your arm behind your back.  This is an easy way to steer by hand, and it’s good from an ergonomic standpoint.

Quick and Easy to Install
You attach this motor mount to your W500 fishing kayak using two clamps – It’s quick (takes about 1 minute), easy (no tools needed), and does not require that you drill holes in the hull.

1. You can attach the motor on either side of your W fishing kayak, and easily switch sides. This can be an advantage especially if there’s a strong side wind blowing.
2. You can easily and quickly dismount the motor mount, and store it, as well as the electric motor in the W500 hull tips. It’s convenient in case you no longer feel like using the motor, or if you’re going in very shallow water where the propeller might be stuck, or damaged, or in water where seaweed is abundant, and where paddling works better than trolling with a motor.

DIY Clamp Mounted Mount For Electric Trolling Motor

Here is a schematic description of an easy to make DIY clamp mount for an electric trolling motor for your W500 fishing kayak:clamp mounted mount for electric trolling motor for a fishing kayak

Motor Mount Safety Device:

You can mount the vertical part of the motor mount on a hinge (see figure below), so that in case the motor hits an underwater obstacle, it would bounce up, thus reducing or altogether avoiding possible damage to it -mount for fishing kayak electric motor

Optional Outrigger
The clamp mount for trolling motor featuring in Jim’s video is offered with an optional outrigger, with an adjustable height system. This device enables driving the kayak with the outrigger outside the water. Note: An outrigger is not a must-have, and you can drive the motorized W500 without it, as shown in the video. However, an outrigger may be useful in case you’re outfitting your W500 with a heavier, more powerful gas powered outboard motor.

Here is an example of an electric trolling motor mounted on such a mount:

electric trolling motor setup for fishing kayak

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More options: Transom motor mount for electric and gas motors

Wavewalk offers two standard transom motor mounts for its W500 kayak series – The TMM 20 for long shaft motors (20″), and the TMM 15 for short shaft (15″) motors. These transom mounts are easy to install, and since they’re attached in the center of the kayak they can support heavier and more powerful engines. Steering is done conveniently from the middle of the cockpit, by using a long tiller extension outfitted with a U joint (articulated tiller extension). Keep reading >

13 thoughts on “Clamp Mounted Side Mount For Fishing Kayak Electric Trolling Motor

  1. We all know how I mounted my Trolling motor on my W300.

    But with this set up, no need for mounting plates and running wires.

    I like it, this will make it very easy to add a trolling motor to the Wavewalks.

    And if you’re just going to paddle, it removes in a snap. :)
    Unlike my set-up, that’s bolted on and would be a major pain to remove.

    Tight lines and Paddle Safe All.

  2. Thanks Rox,

    Jim also offers a motor mount equipped with a hinge, so that in case the motor hits a rock, or sunken log, it would bounce upward, and hopefully not break..
    A most useful feature for those who like to go in shallow water, and also for going in seaweed infested water, and you need to clean up the propeller:

    motor mount for electric trolling motor for fishing kayaks

  3. Great, I love the ideas

  4. I’m curious what type of run time and distance he gets with that battery pack. It’ looks a bit limited. I’ve got a canoe motor mount that is very similar, I’ll have to see if that fits the W

  5. Hey Kevin, maybe you’ll be able to sight fish standing up in your motorized W500?

  6. This looks really interesting. I’m also interested in time / distance info. with the battery pack.

  7. Gary,

    From SailBoatsToGo’s website:
    “A 30-lb thrust electric trolling motor and a convenient rechargeable power pack with built-in charger and power meter and carry handle. We put this together with convenience in mind: Ordinarily, you buy a motor, then you have to go shopping for a battery and then a charger and when you’re done you’ve got a system that’s not so convenient to carry, store, charge and live with in your boat. With this package, the battery is thin and tall and can easily be strapped to a canoe thwart or inflatable grab line (strap included), is not so heavy (20 lbs), has built in charger for AC or charge while you drive from car cigarette lighter, has built-in power meter, and is in a sealed case – no worry ever about spilling battery acid! Yet it has enough power to take you 2 miles on one charge (20 amp-hour) in a small boat, average conditions. Want 4-mile range? Buy a second power pack (next item). One charge on one battery (about 5 cents worth of electricity) will allow you to cruise for an hour on the “3” setting (out of 5) on the speed control. Power pack is a truck jump starter and will also start your car in an emergency using its included cables. Has accessory output (cigarette lighter style socket). Motor is light (22 lbs), quiet, smooth, powerful; has 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds, extending tiller, and plenty of power for canoe or inflatable. No smell, no noise, no gasoline fumes or hazards in your boat or car. Use of motor in salt water will void warranty, but if you rinse salt off thoroughly after each use you can get away with it. “

  8. not sure i get it
    what’s the stabilizer for?

  9. The outrigger (a.k.a. pontoon, stabilizer) can support the weight of the motor on the kayak’s side.
    However, since such small electric motors are lightweight (typically 20 lbs, or less), and since the W500 is stable enough, you could do without an outrigger, especially since outriggers generate some additional, unwanted drag.
    The battery usually weighs more than the motor itself (typically about twice as much) – You can place the battery at the bottom of the opposite W kayak hull, and thus balance it effectively.

  10. Here’s a picture of an electric trolling motor mounted on the motor mount with the safety feature:

    electricv trolling motor mounted on a fishing kayak

  11. The pontoon could be handy for other applications as well, and can be easily removed. The hinged motor mount is a very nifty innovation and will probably save more than a few props. Very clean. Well done !

  12. miguel a torres says:

    love it .nice work .kayak for ever .god bless.

  13. Where do i get a battery pack?

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