StriperFest 2010 The Northeast’ Biggest Fishing Festival-Party (Reminder)

Striper Fest - Striped Bass festival, Cape Cod, Massachusetts“In honor of the striped bass”

One thought on “StriperFest 2010 The Northeast’ Biggest Fishing Festival-Party (Reminder)”

  1. ROCK ON! All Right! Another fishing party, how good does it get. Love to see a kayak angler as the winner. By now it should be decided who is the winner. Great seeing this posted. Someday hopefully sooner than later we will see the Wavewalk Kayak Tournament in full swing. Of course we will let kayak anglers using other boats participate too. After all we have to be fair since they purchased their boats because of untrue ads and even false ads about the other kayaks. It not really their fault they bought the other ones they were victims. Maybe we should even give them a few inches head start since they are at such a disadvantage.

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