Fishing Kayak Review By Pyt Rotary, Ontario, Canada

In my opinion the kayak delivers the features that are posted on the manufacturer’s website. For me, it met all the aspects that I was looking for. I don’t see now major changes needed to the design or rigging. I will mount maximum four RAM 119 rod holders, nothing more. I have a portable fish finder. I don’t think that the kayak needs more rigging or holes.

This review is specific for how I feel about the kayak after my first trip in it.
Please take note that I have no experience at all with a mono hull/regular kayaks. Also please note that I weigh 72kg (160 lbs) and I was with my daughter who weighs 16kg (35 lbs). She was sitting in the front, facing me.
The bay (Ashbridge Bay – Toronto, Ontario) did not had big waves, but there was high traffic, big sailing boats and ski jets.
The w500 kayak was very easy to launch, no wet feet.
First minutes in the kayak I felt weird about its buoyancy effect; When I leaned in one direction (any, front, side, back) the kayak bounced back. This is weird initially, but after few minutes the feeling passed. It’s like starting to learn to ride a bike. The beginning of the ride is hesitant in balancing the direction, same here.
After the first minutes you learn how to sit steadily – the trick is to stay firm on saddle.

Paddling was easy, with no big effort; I paddled for almost two hours continuously with small breaks to watch the birds and fish, without feeling pain or tired.
Based on the bay size I think I put somewhere between 3-4km. Next time I will take the GPS to track the distance.
To change direction by 90 degrees it took only one backwards stroke.
I did not splash any water inside. For a newbie like me I think this is also good.

The paddle bought with the kayak is good, does the job well. I dropped it in the water; It floats and does not retain any water.

The lower part of the legs is well protected by the cockpit.

I did not have any problem in keeping direction while paddling. I found that it is easier and faster to paddle sitting at the rear, and not in the middle of the kayak, but please note that my daughter who weighs 16kg (35 lbs) was sitting on the front.
The kayak absorbs impact, and I think this is good, and at same time it feels rigid enough.
The tips of the kayak are great and very handy for storing stuff, plenty of open storage.

I found the eyelets mounted on the body useful for rigging various stuff.

Now, after the trip, strapping it to my minivan looks easy, using only 6 straps. No additional device to rig on the car, no foam, no special rack.

In my opinion the kayak delivers the features that are posted on the manufacturer’s website. For me, it met all the aspects that I was looking for. I don’t see now major changes needed to the design or rigging. I will mount maximum four RAM 119 rod holders, nothing more. I have a portable fish finder. I don’t think that the kayak needs more rigging or holes.

Overall I am happy with my purchase, and I am looking to have good time with my family using the kayak for fishing and just touring.
As a veteran Wavewalk kayak angler (Rox) said  – Life is good.
Regards and safe paddling from Ashbridge bay, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
29 August 2010

Pyt Rotary

Ontario, Canada

Fishing kayak beached. Ashbridge bay, Ontario, Canada

Fishing kayak attached on top of minivan, Ontario, Canada

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Petru in his stand up fishing kayak, Ontario, Canada

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14 thoughts on “Fishing Kayak Review By Pyt Rotary, Ontario, Canada”

  1. This is a remarkably broad as well as detailed review. Petru sounds like an engineer, or a scientist.


  2. Thanks Petru,

    I hope next time you’ll feel confident enough to take your camera with you on board,


  3. That’s the third yak review you got from Canada, isn’t it?

  4. We’ve been selling regularly in Canada, and Petru’s review is actually the fourth we got from there:
    This one from 2008 is a review too (sort of)-
    Mark bought his W300 directly from us, here in Massachusetts, after he got to try it before he took it back home, to Ontario.
    Upon his return, he went on a long tandem trip in it, together with another adult paddler.
    Mark is both very tall and heavy, and after paddling their little, overloaded W300 for a couple of hours, they capsized it, as one would have expected to do much sooner.

    Maybe he’ll come over and test the W500 next time he’s in Massachusetts?


  5. Yoav,
    If two paddlers paddling in tandem capsize an overloaded kayak after two hours, it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing about it. As you know, any overloaded kayak becomes unstable, and prone to capsize.


  6. I agree, of course, but since Mark wasn’t very happy about it, I didn’t publish it.

  7. Hi Folks,

    Yes I am an engineer, I like to analyse details.
    The report is detailed and focused on key aspects of kayaks requested by kayakers in forums.
    I am lurking the kayaks forums and wavewalk for more than 2 years. I have read books and magazines. This is my fist kayak to buy after I doing my research. For me the kayak has to be good for fishing and touring with at least one child on board. W500 accomplishes this very easily. Not too many kayaks can do that.
    The available space, stability, back free saddle, easy to launch, no special rack are the major aspects that I like about Wavewalk.
    Regards and safe paddling.
    Petru / Toronto / Ontario / Canada

  8. Frankly speaking there is one major aspect that cover and push the limits in Wavewalk over monohull.
    And that is the design, the catamaran design has tons of good features over monohull. There is only one cons for catamaran design but that is not applicable here. At high speed in race competition the catamaran is taking off into the air, otherwise catamaran is beating the monohull boat at all chapters. In our case is impossibe to reach taking off speeds just paddling.
    Try to see the movie “Waterworld” with Kevin Costner. If you want speed and stability on water you have go catamaran style.
    Have fun.

  9. You’ve made an excellent choice in water craft. The biggest problem with the W500 is the serious case of “yak envy” that will be caused with your fellow kayakers. Be nice to them and maybe even offer them a ride. Just imagine how awful they must feel paddling some sort of also ran sit on top or even worse a peddle style boat. You’ll ease their pain by offering them a try.

  10. Petru,

    That was a wonderful write up.

    The Ws do meet all that is needed, a dry stable, and plenty of room for your
    She must have had a blast.
    Couple more trips, and you’ll be paddling like a pro. 🙂

    Tight Lines and Paddle safe all.

  11. Good review. I liked the part about the W bouncing back… It’s a good observation.


  12. Hi Petru: I live in Kelowna, BC, and lake fish for rainbow trout. I am very interested in purchasing a Wavewalk Kayak. I wonder if you could help me with some facts about the additional costs of getting your kayak into Canada. Apart from the shipping cost, I know we have to pay HST, Duty, etc. If possible could you let me know what your “extra costs” were. I would very much appreciate your help. Good luck and have fun with your Wavewalk. John Harling (email:

  13. For Canada you have to pay:
    1) shipping – see wavewalk website
    2) HST 13%
    3) there is no duties because is Made in USA 100% (NAFTA)
    4) there is a custom brokerage at the border. I paid $130 to a brokerage company. If Yoav will ship the yak through UPS ask UPS to do the custom brokerage for you, it will be around $80 that way.
    These are all the extra fees.

  14. salut PETRE
    Am dat de tine intimplator aici,vino si fa caiac pe prut
    da un semn ca sa vorbim.costel-barlad

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