9 Miles, 8 Hours, 35 Smallies: Darrell’s Kayak Fishing Report From The New River, NC

New River from King's access in NC to highway 58 bridge in VA. 9 miles, 8hrs total, approx 35 smallies.

New River from King’s access in NC to highway 58 bridge in VA.

9 miles, 8hrs total, approx 35 smallies.


Read Darrell’s kayak review: http://wavewalk.com/blog/2010/05/23/designer-front-dash-for-w500-fishing-kayak-darrell-beam-nc/

Darrell kayak fishing on the new River, NC

Fishing kayak on the New River, NC

launching a fishing kayak from the bank of the New River, North Carolina

Darrell holding a smallie he caught in his fishing kayak, on the New River, North Carolina

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  1. Pete

    Whoa! Must be that special plexigals triple rod rack – Looks quite effective with the fish…


  2. Jeff McGovern

    Hmm, nice job Kevin. That triple rod rack is doing its job. I feel I’ll have to go back to my W soon, and hit the water near the 206 bridge.

  3. Paul Z

    8 hours in such a tiny boat is a long time. I don’t know how you guys manage to do it, must be the passion for fishing, or the outdoors, or something.


  4. warren

    8 hours! cool
    nice fish

  5. Rox

    Awesome job. 🙂

    How about some details on how it handled?

    Was there any fast water?

    8 hours in a W500 is not hard to do at all.
    Since you can stand and paddle and change positions with ease, it makes
    a long trip very easy to do.

    Whats great about long trips with the W500 &300, is the storage space.
    Tents, camps stoves and chairs, food, coolers, if your clever, you can load
    up pretty good for a long weekend camping trip.

    Tight lines and paddle safe all.

  6. Darrell Beam

    It was 8 hours total we walked the bank for a little while when we broke for lunch. I also had to get out a couple of times and walk in some shallows, still I was wore out at the end. Next trip we are looking at is more like 3.5 miles.


  7. albert otto

    great story..need to get on this style of fishing…..have been too shore locked i’d guess….i fish central Iowa on the turkey, iowa, cedar, skunk and wapsie hard for 4 months, and have for 11 years…i like yur story for sure…..my shore success is legendary in my own mind of course…lol

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