Shallow Water Fishing Upgraded: A Fishing Kayak That Climbs Rocks

When we talk about Super Mobility, or Extreme Mobility, many people find it hard to imagine what it could mean.
When we say ‘Launch anywhere, go anywhere and beach anywhere’, some think it’s just another marketing phrase.
But it’s not –
This movie shows how kayak anglers and touring kayakers can go above and beyond obstacles in shallow water paddling and fishing.
Once again, our W500 kayak keeps expanding kayaking and fishing in every dimension. When compared to other types of kayaks, it is not just the world’s best kayak for touring and fishing – it’s in a league of its own.

Mobility is also about how easy it is for you to carry your kayak from one place to another (portaging), as well as launch it anywhere you feel like, and beach in difficult spots.
Pond hopping with a W yak on a leash is a short movie about these things:


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  1. Graham Rubens

    Both impressive and amusing movie – The paddle is taking some serious abuse as well as the kayak…


  2. sherwood

    such stunts should leave some nasty looking scratches on the yak’s bottom

  3. admin

    Since we started selling these paddles, in 2004, we’ve come across one case of a paddle breaking.

    The rocks leave nasty looking scratches, but they’re usually meaningless, and easy to smooth. Here’s a ‘how to’ article about taking care of scratches on your kayak:

  4. Rox


    Great job guys. 🙂

    It shows you just how stable that W500 is.

    Going over trees is all I need to do, since I don’t rock climb. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see more fun.

    I hope everyone notices, you all are wearing you PFDs .

    So if you gonna try this at home, be safe, and have fun with your Wave Walk Yaks.

    The sky’s the limit. 🙂

    Tight lines, and Paddle Safe all.

  5. Marco

    The amphibious yak!… 😀 Personally, I think I’ll stick to more conventional styles of paddling 😉


  6. Moshiko

    Even big gashes in the kayak’s bottom are no big deal, and going over them with a hand blow-torch closes them quite well.

  7. John F.

    The only 4×4 kayak I know of!

  8. fish kayak

    Here’s another way to get the Wavewalk kayak to climb rocks:

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