John & Jeanne Family Reunion, With 4 W Kayaks For The Guests, Michigan

We just got back from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for Jeanne’s family reunion. We brought all of the W kayaks along. Her family and friends had a blast and were impressed with them. It was fun for us sharing are love for the W kayaks with her family.


girls relaxing in W fishing kayak, Michigan

Jeanne and girls in W fishing kayaks

Jeanne paddling W fishing kayak in lilly pads

Jeanne launching her W fishing kayak, Michigan

first time paddling W fishing kayak

sunrise on lake Juncob, Michigan upper peninsula

John paddling his camo fishing kayak next to boathouse

first time paddling standing in W fishing kayak

test rides for W fishing kayaks

4 thoughts on “John & Jeanne Family Reunion, With 4 W Kayaks For The Guests, Michigan”

  1. Very nice! I wonder if it’s possible to get bored in these kayaks? There’s so much you can do with them… even resting in a w kayak is fun!


  2. That’s great, taking the W’s along for the family reunion sure looks like
    they were a big hit.
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures. 🙂

    Tight lines and Paddle Safe all.

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