Walking on the Wave – The W Kayak Angler Song, by ‘Unknown Traveler’, Ohio

There’s wind in my hair, and fish everywhere

Now the Wavewalk fishing kayak has its own song, written and performed by the ‘Unknown Traveler’, a singer/songwriter, health & fitness, outdoors, fishing & hunting enthusiast from Ohio:
Like many other outdoorsmen, Traveler really loves his ‘W’, and if you’re ever in North Eastern Ohio contact him for a close up look, and maybe even a demonstration, of his treasured kayak!

He always likes to meet new people and talk “Wavewalk” …

Walking on the Wave – Lyrics:

And the fish below, know
When the north wind blows
They’d better beware

I got the wind in my hair
And there’s fish everywhere

I’m walkin’ on the wave

I see a big one in the weed
He’s a monster guaranteed
As I paddle out of view

With a Clouser on the line
This bruiser could be mine
As I cast into the blue

The presentation couldn’t be
A better minnows plea
As that muskie Hit like a storm

Now his picture is on my wall
In memory of it all
And he lives to fight again

I got the wind in my hair
And there’s fish everywhere

Oh I’m walkin’ on the wave

Oh yes I’m walkin’ on the wave

—Copyright (c) G.D.P. 2010—

Ohio kayak angler posing in his fishing kayak

Like many outdoorsmen, Traveler really loves his fishing and hunting gear, and he also wrote a song about his Henry – an accurate replica of the legendary Henry Big Boy .44 rifle.

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17 thoughts on “Walking on the Wave – The W Kayak Angler Song, by ‘Unknown Traveler’, Ohio”

  1. Amazingly, the singer looks like he’s riding a mustang, in a classic western 🙂

  2. Good song! Listening to it made me feel I was riding in my w yak and catching fish

  3. Hey Yoav…….I think you and Jeff McGovern should form a trio with this guy and record a few Walkin in my Wavewalk numbers.

  4. 😀
    As far as Jeff is concerned, it’s a brilliant idea, since he has a great baritone.
    As far as I’m concerned, I believe this idea may better be shelved, since no one should listen to me singing – for humanitarian reasons…


    PS—… and what about my accent?… Oh boy! 😀

  5. Now we have a theme song :). How soon will it be before we are on the air? Radio, TV and then the feature film, all because one man had the courage to do what nobody else could, create the Wavewalk. Hmmm who will play Yoav in the movie? In days past Jimmy Stewart would have been a good choice. Today, I’m not sure, Brad Pitt, Greg Kinear, Jim Carey, Hugh Jackman, or even maybe that young actor who played James T Kirk in the last Star Trek movie. Anyway the song is the first step. Nice job on the song Guy and hey that .44 Henry of yours is a great rifle and would work well here in Florida pursing gators from the W500. When you hit them with a .44mag they generally stay shot.

  6. Jim Carey?!… 🙁

    Jeff, maybe that radio talk show host from Minnesota who’s interviewing you from time to time on kayak fishing issues would like this song?

    After all, I’m working for the benefit of humanity 🙂


  7. Glad you all enjoyed the song. There’s a little Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash and just a tad of Elvis in there. But the most important ingredient is the “W”. Wavewalk gives the song soul and a reason to be sung. Now there are many “W” owner out there who have a song to hum while paddling or casting for that monster fish. Don’t be concerned if you can’t get this tune out of your head… it’s perfectly normal…however, if symptoms last more than 5 days, you should seek medical attention 🙂

    Happy paddling and keep “… walkin on the wave”!


  8. Hey Traveler……Sounded like a little bit of Conway Twitty, Ferlin Husky, Eddie Cochran and LeRoy Van Dyke too. You gotta be Rockabilly fanatic like me.

  9. Hey Traveler,
    Your Wavewalk song blew me away! I was expecting an amateurish production by a no talent singer, but you really have it all. I’m just an old Johnny Cash fan, but can tell from your writing and vocal/playing talent, you can really perform. I haven’t heard a voice like yours in years. Best of luck with your career!
    John Z

  10. Expecting an “Amateurish production”? … Hey, this blog brings you only the best entertainment and news! 😀 😀


  11. Thank you for the kind words.
    I enjoy writing songs that have meaning and purpose.
    The inspiration I got from my W just seemed to pull the words together and the tune sort of filled in the rest. It amazes me how songs are structured and how the sound can compliment the words and enhance meaning. My W is very special to me, because it symbolizes freedom in a way. Paddling along the small coves at Pymatuning Lake this weekend reminded me of the freedom my W provides. Hey, maybe there’s another song in there somewhere 🙂

    Human powered propulsion is basic and essential for this traveler. I don’t have to rely on a noisy, mind numbing motor. I can enjoy my independence and celebrate my self-sufficiency with just the gentle sound of paddle stirred water.
    The more I can do for my self, by my self… the more I seem to enjoy life more. My W helps me get away from the mechanized world and provides both a physical and mental escape from stress. Stress kills, you know? Wishing you all a relaxing day on the water… you and your W.


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