Kay Rankel’s Dog-Walking Fishing Kayak, Wisconsin

We live on a small lake in northern Wisconsin.
My brother, Gary Rankel, just gave me a Wavewalk for my birthday and I’m really enjoying it so far.
I still haven’t figured anything out that’s any better than this setup…my pup sits a bit high, but luckily she’s stayed calm while we’re out there (I haven’t been capsized yet!). So far she’s been great, despite distractions like other boats/waverunners/dogs…
It’s not pretty, but it works for now!

I’ll keep you posted if we rig something up that’s better/prettier.

Thanks for a great product!!!
Kay Rankel

Fishing kayak with dog on board, Wisconsin

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9 thoughts on “Kay Rankel’s Dog-Walking Fishing Kayak, Wisconsin”

  1. Now all you have to do is figure out how to get your husband and other two dogs on board.

  2. There seem to be a lot of w yakers who take their dogs with them on board

  3. That’s awesome, what a great Birthday present. 🙂
    You have a wonderful Brother.

    As far as your dog goes, maybe a board that sits on the saddle, with leg supports
    that reach the pontoon floor.
    Hummmmmmm, my dog would love to go with me, but at 95lbs…………………. 🙂
    But maybe I’ll try it to, never thought about it till now.

    Tight lines and Paddle Safe

  4. Finally back on line. Wow, nice shot and one happy looking dog for sure. Darn shame you don’t have a rod over the side trying to get a few smallmouth, pike or muskie. Those northern waters are wonderful.

  5. You know when you put them higher than you, who is in command. Josey is probably a great navigator. Looks like fun.


  6. My husband built a new chair for Josey yesterday that I think will work great…made of lightweight cedar, adirondack back, slats underneath that fit in the grooves of the WW. I plan to test it out with her today and will report back on our trek!

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