Brian’s Folding Outriggers for Motorized Kayak

I put my W kayak in the water this morning and tried-out the folding amas. Wow!, when I tried my hardest to make it tip , I could not. Just like standing on a concrete floor. Solid, solid as I never thought it would be. That is saying a dickens of a lot, coming from me. I could not budge it at all.

Brian Vickery, from California, is a fisherman and photographer who has special reasons to look for absolute, no-nonsense stability in his kayak, as well as total comfort.

Those of you who’ve visited our blog before already know that Brian has a genius and a passion for kayak outfitting and rigging projects-

Says Brian:

-“I have been away having left shoulder surgery, total replacement, so I am presently thinking of no more paddling for me at all. Dr says “mild” shoulder work in a few months PT time.

I put my W kayak in the water this morning and tried-out the folding amas. Wow!, when I tried my hardest to make it tip , I could not. Just like standing on a concrete floor. Solid, solid as I never thought it would be. That is saying a dickens of a lot, coming from me. I could not budge it at all.

I did find it was a tad hard to keep course though. Once the turn was made tho it kept good tracking. I think that with the two batteries and motor gone, it will sail well with a Genoa jib, and NO mainsail.

Cheers,, Brian”

Folding outriggers for motorized fishing kayak

Folding outriggers - stabilizers for motorized kayak

Sailing rig for kayak, California, 2010

Brian's sailing W500 Kayak

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  1. Gary Rankel

    Wow, and I thought I was doing good in crafting my rod holder.

  2. Pete

    As much as I’m not a big fan of outriggers and motors for kayaks, this project makes sense, and looks good too.


  3. Avaz Bob

    Looks great, but the only thing I’m concerned about is this boat could weigh too much for one person to paddle, leaving only motor and sails as possible sources of power.


  4. Rox

    Awesome job.

    Avaz Bob, I’m sure he doesn’t care about the weight, plus he has a full size trolling battery.
    No way he lose power on a fresh charge, and I bet he could go a couple trips before it needs a full charging.

    Even with the paddle, it will still move just fine, steering just may be a little harder.

    I have the castle creek outriggers (alum) very light, that I use with my 30lb thrust tolling motor, set up with hand free steering on my W300.
    They don’t even touch the water now, they just sit above the water, and are mainly there for big wakes.

    As for steering, bring your outriggers in closer to the yak, and as you get more
    comfortable in it, you will be able to snug them up close to the hulls, and raise them up so they barley touch the water.
    You’ll be amazed, how stable it will still be, but still have that peace of mind of not going over with all the extra equipment.

    Tight Lines, Happy Picture Taking and Paddle Safe All.

  5. Jeff McGovern

    Whoa, I think it needs a .50 cal mount as well. That is really something and a serious testament to the W design and just what can be done with it. I’m just waiting to see the W500 in a new Star Trek movie exploring the waters of some distant world.

  6. Art 31012

    I like the looks of this craft

  7. Aaron

    this kayak looks stable enough to be outfitted with an outboard gas engine
    maybe 2 to 3 hp


  8. Alan

    This yak looks great, but almost $1,000 for a stripped boat is a bit steep and out of range for a lot of people, including me. Y’all might want to work on that to increase your market. Novel idea tho and great for fish fans and older and younger paddlers where the stability is a plus.

  9. Marco

    A grand for a W yak isn’t cheap, especially these days, but it’s still the best deal out there, considering your back’s health is priceless, literally, and there’s no other kayak or canoe that gives you what the W does.

  10. SteveB

    1000 dollars is the price of your average brand name Sit-on top kayak that’s going to give you a wet butt and a sore back, plus you’d have to buy a special seat that won’t help you much, and a rudder, a car rack and so on, and if you pay even more you’d get a pedal drive that’s going to wreck your back

  11. admin

    Here is a study about the hidden costs associated with the purchase of a common sit-in or SOT fishing kayak:
    When you add the indirect expenses to the direct cost of buying a common SIK or SOT, you’ll find the W not only gives you more, but it’s also cheaper in simple dollar terms.

  12. Brian Vickery

    Yep, this machine is still on the lake , and still doing a fine job, 2 years later…Brian Vickery , Magalia Calif.

  13. Teddy Alba

    I like the design of this W.. I want to buy one like this not only for myself but also to enjoy it with my wife. We are about to retire. Since my wife does not know how to swim, I would like to copy your set up to prevent any mishaps. Is it something that I can do myself or I have to get it done professionally? What is it made of. Pls let me know and would appreciate it.

    thank you!!


  14. Brian Vickery

    I had fun building and using the WW with the articulated pontoons.
    It sailed OK but not good enough.
    It was soooooo very stable.
    I still have it but I have taken all off , to save storage space, as I get older I am not on the water as much, Cheers, BrianV, Magalia Calif

  15. Brian Vickery

    Ted, I did not read the comments till after I wrote, so, you can contact me if you like. and I can walk you through it.. a very super stable and safe craft..
    I am not sure that I am supposed to leave my edress or phone on here, but you can get it from the owner of this site; he seems a fine bloke.. Brian

  16. W kayak

    Thanks Brian 🙂

    To the visitors of this blog who are not aware of your Australian origins, I need to clarify that ‘Bloke’ is the equivalent of the US word ‘Guy’, and ‘Chap’ in British English…



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