Alfred’s First Trip in His W Fishing Kayak, California

After I felt comfortable, I stood up and paddled in the standing position (in the shallow area, about 1 to 2 feet deep). On the way back, I had to paddle thru deep areas and paddled in both in the standing and sitting position. I took it slow, and I found the W to be very stable.

I went to Huntington Harbor on Sat. I had no problems paddling my W500 in the sitting position. I had to paddle thru a deep area to get to a shallow part of the harbor. I paddled around in the sitting position for a while in that area. After I felt comfortable, I stood up and paddled in the standing position (in the shallow area, about 1 to 2 feet deep). On the way back, I had to paddle thru deep areas and paddled in both in the standing and sitting position.
I took it slow, and I found the W to be very stable. I think my experience with SOT, ATV and riding horses helped.

Fishing kayak in Huntigton Beach, California

I didn’t take a fishing equipment on my first trip, and will not take any while I’m learning to handle the W. After that I’ll start using the W for offshore fishing.

Fishing kayak in Toyota Tundra pickup truck

W loaded on Tundra to head home. My wife made the red flags about 8 years ago that I used to clip to the handles of my SOT while transporting those kayaks.

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7 thoughts on “Alfred’s First Trip in His W Fishing Kayak, California”

  1. Note that being an experienced kayak angler and outdoorsman, Alfred didn’t rush to catch the biggest fish out there right after he took his W500 out of the box in which it arrived.
    On the contrary, he’s approached his W500 slowly and carefully, and has taken the time to learn how to operate it under safe conditions – as much as possible for someone who lives by the ocean.
    Alfred is aware of the fact that since he’s never been in such watercraft before, there are new skills he need to acquire and perfect, and other skills that he already has, which need adaptation and fine-tuning to better serve him in his W500 kayak.


  2. Very instructive – I like it when people are being cautious with new gear.

  3. Nice job on the maiden voyage.
    It won’t be long before your sliming the yak good.
    Congrats on the new 500, I can’t wait to see more. 🙂

    Tight Lines and Paddle Safe all.

  4. Hey I was thinking about getting a w500 and have had conversations with Yoav, how do like using in California offshore waters?? does wind become an issue. I am on a yak website and they are all telling me not to buy the W for whatever reasons. they say it would like having a toy toy boat in a big ocean?

  5. Hi Ray,
    When performance in strong wind in concerned, there is no better kayak than the W500. It’s simply the best tracking kayak under wind: and the easiest to handle.
    Many W customers talk about being able to paddle and fish in their W kayak in strong wind, on days when other kayakers and kayak anglers are shore bound.

    As far as fishing from other kayaks offshore, I think you may be interested to read these two articles: and
    Reading them would give you a more realistic perspective of what it’s really like to fish offshore from traditional SOT kayaks.

    This blog, called Wavewalk Kayaks, belongs to the Wavewalk company, and I’m it’s editor and moderator. You should be aware that practically all kayak fishing websites and forums out there belong to, or are affiliated with businesses that sell fishing kayaks, or are moderated by people affiliated to businesses who sell fishing kayaks. In other words, those are Wavewalk’s direct competitors.
    If you take the time to read carefully, between the lines, you’ll find that most comments on discussion forums in those kayak fishing websites are posted by people who are either local sales reps for kayak brands, or sales personnel, or dealers for fishing kayaks companies, or ‘Team Members’ or ‘Pro Staff’ who are on such companies’ payroll.
    These people post under multiple aliases, and their goal is to promote the kayak brands they are affiliated with – all under cover of multiple user IDs, member names, nicknames, avatars, etc.
    Those discussions tend to be quite repetitive in their pseudo content, eventually, as one would expect under such circumstances.
    The arguments our competitors present (mostly under covert identity, of course) against the W500 are based on a combination of pure ignorance in the subject matter, as well as the interest to block competition from us.

    Interestingly, Wavewalk is actually banned from posting on some of those kayak fishing forums, and our customers are harassed when they post on other such forums. This trend is particularly strong in kayak fishing forums in your state, California.

    BTW, here’s a video showing how to have fun in the surf with a W kayak, the W300 in this case:

    And this one shows how easy and simple it is to launch a W kayak in the surf:

    Note that most W500 models feature a preparation for a cockpit cover, and you can use a cockpit cover to keep the kayak cockpit perfectly dry, even when you’re going through the surf:

  6. I don’t think anyone who spent more than ten minutes on a kayak fishing forum wouldn’t notice that most posts and comments there seem a little “weird” , like they were posted by pros. After half an hour on such a site you get to recognize the patterns, and the main players, their tactics, and the kayak brands they’re promoting under cover of their multiple web names. I don’t think that too many participants on those discussions are authentic, non-affiliated kayak fishermen looking to exchange unbiased info.
    As for this blog, it’s easy to see that almost everyone posting on it is pro wavewalk, and i wouldn’t be surprised if the moderators here nuked comments that don’t fit the official “Party Line” 😀

  7. CJ,
    This is the official company blog of Wavewalk Kayaks. As such, it’s about W kayaks, W kayakers, and W kayak anglers. We don’t pretend it’s a kayak fishing club, or a kayak fishing forum. It’s one of the reasons we chose the blog format and not the forum format.
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    I also edit posts and reviews so that competing kayak brands and models don’t appear by their names, but as more general descriptions, even if what people say about them is negative.
    When I do that, I use parenthesis, so that the editorial correction is visible to the reader.
    Sometimes I correct grammar and punctuation in comments and posts, in order to make them easier and more pleasant for visitors to read. It’s another part of my job as blog editor.

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