Carl Williams, W Fly Kayak Angler, Alaska

We're very happy with the Kayak, she's brain dead easy to use... we're going to be using the kayak as our crab pot and shore boat. I'm also going to use her for some halibut fishing.

“Finally, here are some pictures for you from Alaska. We’re very happy with the Kayak, she’s brain dead easy to use.
We took her out for a few practice runs. Mostly right by our place (Hammer Slough) and Woodpecker Cove.
My wife, Bev (The Admiral) really likes the kayak, and the dog (Critter) is very comfortable now that he has rug velcroed onto the bridge deck.
I’m not totally comfortable paddling standing, yet, but I will get there.

Not much time for kayaking yet, but as soon as I get the mother ship back into full service (2 years of sitting don’t do wonders for a boat) we’re going to be using the kayak as our crab pot and shore boat.
I’m also going to use her for some halibut fishing.


Fishing kayak in Alaska

Kayak angler and his dog in fishing kayak, Alaska

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  1. Orit

    Amazing pictures, looks like Critter is having fun too!

  2. admin

    These pictures make me feel like I was there…
    Thanks Carl,


  3. Rox

    Nice job getting out with your dog in your New W500. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see more from your Alaska adventures.

    Tight lines and Paddle safe all.

  4. Jeff McGovern

    Ahh we have new moniker for the W500 “brain dead easy” I love it. Nice looking area up there bet the fishing is off the chain! Hooking up to a huge halibut would be so cool in the W.

  5. Kevin

    Beautiful area, funny when I think of Alaska, I don’t think of short sleeves and poodles. You’ll take to standing in no time.

  6. admin

    How true!
    In my mind Alaska is represented by images of oil wells, pipes and tankers in the cold and dark arctic, glaciers, commercial fishing boats struggling in stormy weather, and a certain moose-hunting politician 😀

    It’s also one of the far North regions where aboriginal kayaks evolved, and this fact bears a particular significance for me 🙂


  7. Marco

    Next thing, Wavewalk will be exporting W kayaks to Greenland 😉

  8. Bluefish

    Commercial fishing boats struggling in a storm is more of what you’d expect to see in TV reports from New England. After all the movie Perfect Storm was about fishermen from Massachusetts…

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