New Record Number of Visitors to Wavewalk’s Website, and Missed the Mark…

The headline sounds a little confusing? 🙂
Here’s the explanation:
In July 2009 our website got 18,638 unique visitors – an all time record for us back then.
In June 2010, our website got 19,890 unique visitors 😀 – that’s 110 individuals short of 20,000 🙁

Where were those 110 people – watching soccer on TV, or what?…

6 thoughts on “New Record Number of Visitors to Wavewalk’s Website, and Missed the Mark…”

  1. I guess some people from the regions hit by the oil spill don’t feel like paddling or fishing. It’s sad!

  2. The oil spill is going to change things for some, but it will pass. Yes it will be expensive but mistakes many times are, and of course it’s also sad. But to the question at hand, those 110 lost souls. They were in Florida visiting Disney and were not online at all. Happens every summer, millions of folks throwing loads of money at a mouse, his family and his friends. Thank goodness Walt didn’t have a soft spot for flies and roaches.

  3. Congrats, Yoav – I’m sure you’ll pick up the 110 soon. Seems like everytime I’m out, I get questions from other yakers.

    So far, the Nature Coast north of Tampa has been spared but one storm could change that and I may be looking for another body of water to float my W’s in. Cleaning up the beaches and bringing back the non-fishing tourists should happen relatively quickly once the blowout is sealed, but I doubt that the wetlands and ecosystem to our north will recover in my lifetime, or soon enough to salvage the careers of many shrimpers and fishermen. Strangely enough, if the oil ends up missing us, our area could actually benefit from an influx of recreational fishermen from the northern Gulf area. If that happens, I’ll be especially glad for my W to keep away from all the power boats.

  4. I’ll take a wild guess and say they must have all been scrambling at work to meet the “fiscal year end deadline of June 30th”. I know I was!

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