Craig’s W500 Rigged Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak – Massachusetts

In the past 2 years, Craig Masterman has been fly fishing from his W300 in Cape Cod and Florida.
Now he got a W500, and he rigged it to be the absolute fly fishing machine.

Saltwater fly fishing kayak

Craig's rigged fly fishing kayak

Stand up fly fishing kayak

Craig prepared an online slide show including some 40 detailed photos of his fly fishing kayak rigging work.

Says Craig:

-“What I know is, that I cannot ever remember being so favorably impressed by any product, of any kind, as I have by the Wavewalk W500 kayak. Part of that has to do with my passion for saltwater fly fishing and the degree to which the “W” has enriched my fly fishing experience. Part of it may be that my memory isn’t what it used to be. Be that as it may, I find that I have to consciously temper my enthusiasm for the boat whenever I share its virtues with other fly fishers…

This is a boat with a design that is so beautifully simple and so inherently adapted to stand-up paddle fishing.”

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  1. Craig Masterman

    I thought long and hard about the rigging. There were times I would just stand in front of the boat for 15 minutes at a time and just “let the wheels turn”. All ideas have been water tested, and work as I had hoped they would. I tried to keep things simple with a clean, minimalist approach. Anxious to hear thoughts, comments, critiques, and suggestions on the rig from other W owners, or anyone else for that matter. I’ll try to answer any questions you may have here.

  2. admin

    Here’s a movie featuring Craig, when he first tested the W500:

  3. Bickel

    Nice! The slide show and clip explain things very well.
    The lawn chair looks like it has some potential, on flat water..

  4. Jake

    It would be interesting to see this perfectly rigged yak in action

  5. Paul Nord

    I’d like to see this masterpiece performing in video!

  6. Rox

    Awesome slide show.

    Great set up with the tubes to protect your tips. 🙂

    Tight lines all and paddle safe.

  7. Craig Masterman

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Hope to make some video soon. Deciding on a waterproof camera now! Ordered a cool universal type kayak camera mount/telescoping wand set up for the W from a CA company called “X-Shot”. Should arrive this week. I’m new at this so bear with me while I figure it out!

  8. admin

    Hey Craig,

    It seems like you’re getting seriously prepared for this next step in your becoming part of the kayak fishing media 🙂


  9. Craig Masterman

    Just baby steps, Yoav. Only a matter of time before I fall on my face! But I’m excited about it!

  10. Craig Masterman

    By way of clarification, when and if I do fall on my face, it will NOT be from the cockpit of the W!!!!

  11. ARMAGH

    There’s no more media in the traditional sense, since anyone can start a blog, a youtube account, or a facebook thingy. I’ll bet there are hundreds, if not thousands of websites, blogs, forums and what not that are related to kayak fishing, one way or another.

  12. Graham Rubens

    I’d argue that the media are still there, but they’re much less influential, and much more vulnerable to criticism.
    Basically, nowadays anyone can become part of the media, if they dedicate enough time to it, and focus on a well defined subject.


  13. Craig Masterman

    Just want to be able to take a few pictures on the W when I fish from it. That’s about as ambitious as I dare to get.

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