Gary’s Fishing Kayak X4 Rod Holder

I’ve been thinking for some time about creating a rod holder which would allow me to easily carry 4 rigged rods on board while also positioning the reels higher than the installed flush mount holders allow so to minimize saltwater spraying onto them. As with everything I do, it needs to be super simple to install, use and remove. I’ve come up with the holder shown in the pictures I made with a combination of 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch PVC. All of the pieces easily snap together without glue or screws.

5 thoughts on “Gary’s Fishing Kayak X4 Rod Holder”

  1. I was thinking of a rod rack along these lines for some time, but I guess I didn’t have the courage to execute the plan. Good job!

  2. I’m still fine tuning the rack Arnie57. I’ll notch the four top holders similar to standard flush mount rod holders to better secure the rods, and may use the 1 1/2 inch inserts to carve the notches in. I’ve also decided to glue several of the pieces together to ensure they don’t come apart on the water. Once everything is done, and field tested, I’ll probably glue all pieces thereby creating a one-piece slide-in holder. The only downside I see so far is getting in the W from the rear (over the higher rod rack) which is how I usually enter when launching. Looks like it may work, however.

  3. Nice job Gary! Great to see a couple of Emmrods in the mix there :). You are lucky where you are you can get in over the stern. My area always has a bit too much shallow stuff to get to floatable water. Besides I enjoy getting my feet wet way too much. By the way last week coming back from Canada my brother had up stop at a Wisconsin cheese store. They had an entire area devoted to the Packers and cheese head stuff, my first thought was of your “Packer Yaker”.

  4. Thanks, Rox. Rather than trying to notch the PVC myself and screw everything up, I ordered 4 notched rod holders which I’ll cut off and glue into the top holes. Should be ready to go later this week, and I’ll send a few more snaps for the blog. Maybe I should patent it and get Yoav to sell them with each W!

    Yeh, Jeff… I’ll be able to take an emmrod along in case I run into a tarpon or black drum. Hope you had a good trip to Canada and caught lots of fish – I could sure stand a week or two of cooler weather. I hope you bought a cheesehead or two to wear out on your W – they’re great for shading your face and for hanging a few lures on.

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