Darrell Shows his Catch, Sitting in his W500 Fishing Kayak

Here is a picture sent by Darrell Beam from North Carolina –

largemouth bass in Darrell's W500 fishing kayak

Darrell is sitting in his W500 fishing kayak, outfitted with a unique plexiglas dash designed and crafted by Darrell himself.


  1. Marco

    Hey, judging by that fish, that super dash seems to be working pretty well! 😀

  2. TexMex

    Good size fish!
    This yak looks like a real gunboat!

  3. Pete

    The concept works, apparently


  4. Jeff McGovern

    Nicely done sir. That is nice bass and the fishing rig looks excellent.

  5. Rox

    Sweet! Nice job on the LMB! Thats a beauty.
    Love the Dash, I made mine out of wood, but mainly use it for my sonar and
    picture taking.

    Tight lines and paddle safe.

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