The World’s Best Fishing Kayak In Reality

Marketing hype is everywhere, but reality is there too, and you can see it with your own eyes:

This is the first movie in a new series proving the absolute technical superiority of the W500 in all aspects of kayak paddling and fishing, starting from dry and easy launching.
BTW, can people who use other kayaks even imagine what we’re talking about?…

You don’t have to run towards the kayak and hop into it as this movie shows – You can simply walk in, and settle inside comfortably, taking your time.
In any case, your feet will stay dry, and you’ll enjoy a 100% hassle free launching.

The movie shows some pretty energetic stand up kayak paddling, but you can do the same in a perfectly relaxed manner, paddling on both sides of your kayak, or on one side with a canoe style J stroke.

As for beaching, you just slide to the back of the kayak’s cockpit and by that raise its bow, so you can easily slide it up and land on firm ground, step out with no problem, and keep your feet dry, as usual with W kayak paddlers and anglers.

4 thoughts on “The World’s Best Fishing Kayak In Reality”

  1. Yoav, these two videos are awesome. I’d make sure they always appear prominently at the top of the home page so each new visitor will immediately see them and be able to quickly and easily view them. Once they see what the W can do, they’re bound to explore your site more completely.

  2. I agree with Gary,
    These movies are something else
    They offer a clear proof of w’s technical superiority over any other yak out there

  3. Thanks guys,

    These videos will feature on our website’s home page until new and better ones are available 😉


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