Designer Front Dash for W500 Fishing Kayak – Darrell Beam, NC

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When Darrell had first contacted us, he explained that he was a big guy suffering from lower back pain, and had some balance issues. He’d sold his large size aluminum canoe years ago because he no longer felt comfortable in it, and he’s been researching kayaks and canoes.
Darrell realized he wouldn’t be able to endure sitting in SOT or SIK kayaks, and since he can ride an ATV with a decent amount of comfort he chose to order a W500 Gr, which he got recently.

Darrell Has already designed a unique plexiglas dash that takes the W kayak one step closer to offering the amenities found in a modern, good size motorized fishing boat.
Says Darrell:

-“I think the boat and I need a little more time in the water to be fair with a full review.
I am enjoying my W500 and I am more comfortable each trip. I am going to try standing as soon as the water warms up some. I have caught a few fish out of it, I have mounted a plexiglas dash in it that holds two tackle boxes and my front mounted rod holders. I also added a clip in kayak seat back that works great. I put together a cart using two large trash can wheels.
I tried it in some current last week which did not work as well as I had hoped but I think I will learn to handle it much better with time. Next week I am going to take it to a place with a little less current and more room to maneuver. All in all it is working out great with no problems from the equipment.”

Fishing kayak rigged with  plexiglass front dash with 3 rod holders

Fishing kayak rigged with front dash with 3 rod holders

Fishing kayak rigged with plexiglass front dash with 3 rod holders

And this is Darrell presenting the results:

largemouth bass in Darrell's W500 fishing kayak

New Fishing Trip Report From Darrell >>

6 thoughts on “Designer Front Dash for W500 Fishing Kayak – Darrell Beam, NC”

  1. Nicely done on that dash. You’ll get the feel for the current after a few trips. The W will get grabbed by it and you’ll feel the pull but once you learn to handle the push of the water it’s actually lots of fun. In current the W handles quite well and with less boat in the water than say a sit on top boat it’s easy to deal with it. Also from the more powerful paddler position the W offers it’s less effort on your part to put the boat where you want it. We deal with tidal flow here you can see as you hit the changes into the main channels. I’ve seen sot anglers nearly go over when they hit it while the W rides into the flow just fine without a problem. Standing in the boat is best done once you’ve learned to relax in it. Yoav called it paddle skiing at one time and that feel you get doing minor weight shifts from foot to foot becomes as natural as going for a stroll. What is a blast is to wind drift a larger flat or open area casting standing up as you move along. Then when you get to the other side just paddle back and make the drift again on a another line of travel.

  2. That’s a remarkable design, and the result looks absolutely professional. Great job!

  3. I like this design a lot, but I know I’ll never be able to make anything like it 🙁

  4. Nice job on the dash.

    I had made mine from wood, and attached it with bolts to through the lip’s top edge
    of the W500.

    This way I didn’t have tie it down.

    Tight lines and Paddle safe All.

  5. I live here in N.C. I am looking for a kayak for my husband. I have a sit in kayak and he will not try it he is scared it will tip over and he can’t swim. We want something to take on Town Creek so we can fish together. Will this kayak hold 2 or is it made for 1? Is it stable and won’t flip. How heavy is it my husband and I both have bad backs and can’t lift any thing heavy? Can I handle it by myself?

  6. Hi Sharon,

    If your husband can’t swim, he shouldn’t go in kayaks, since paddling always carries some risk of capsizing, and you can’t always be sure that the water is shallow enough for standing.
    The W500 can hold 2 lightweight passengers, with a combined weight of 360 lbs. Although the boat can hold higher loads, we don’t recommend it.
    The W500 weighs 59 lbs, and it’s pretty easy to handle and carry, since it features 2 ergonomic carry handles on each end, that is 1 handle per hull tip.

    Please call or email me if you need more information: 781-806-5261


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