Craig’s New Solutions for His Rigged W300 Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak

Craig Masterman is a fly fisherman from Massachusetts who likes to fish in saltwater, usually in Cape Cod and Florida.

Craig has already contributed a review of his W300 fly fishing kayak, and innovative rigging solutions.
Here are his latest innovative creations:

I’ve been working on this enhanced set-up for fly fishing from my W300. I used two short sections of the floatation noodle: one section for the front of the cockpit rim with a groove to hold the rod centered and a slit a couple inches aside of the groove to hold the leader tight, and the other section with a short bungee cord through it strung between the forward rigging loops on the hulls for the forward fly rod support rest. The darker layer on the forward rod support rest is an additional layer of foam pipe insulation secured with electrical zip ties. The idea was to have a place for the rod to rest securely with some line already stripped off the reel and ready to cast while I stand and paddle scouting for fish. A second rod can be carried in the side mounted rubber clips as seen in the pictures, all rigged and ready, as I described in my original rigging set up a couple of years ago.


fly rod holder in fly fishing kayak setup

You will also notice that I have installed a set of six snaps (kit available at any hardware store) along the outside edge of the forward part of the cockpit rim. I used an old towel and cut it to size and shape to snap to the rim to hold it draped over the front third of the cockpit. This is my rendition of a stripping “basket” which keeps the line away from the bottom of the hulls (and my feet) as I strip the fly line in on the retrieve. Although a crude installation, this “line management device” and rod rest design works very well as a fly fishing accessory.

fly fishing  kayak setup - stripping basket snap

fly fishing kayak . Stand up kayak for fly fishing


  1. Avaz Bob

    This seems to be the perfect fly fishing yak!

  2. Fish Wiz

    Outstanding! 🙂


  3. Jeff McGovern

    Very nice clean solutions to line managment and rod stowage while fishing. The snapped in towel rigging is a great idea with minimal expense.

  4. SanderB

    This yak looks so clean!
    interesting rigging ideas!

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