First Serious Fishing Kayak Article in the Mainstream Fishing Media

We salute Kevin Blinkoff, the editor of On The Water – The Angler’s Guide for writing and publishing the first serious article on the subject of choosing a fishing kayak to be published in a fishing magazine.

-Why ‘First Serious Article’?

Some fishing and kayak fishing magazines have published information about our W  fishing kayaks in their ‘New Product’ and ‘Buyer’s Guide’ sections, but On The Water is the first fishing magazine to mention them in a full featured article about a broad range subject such as this.

Unlike all other authors and editors in this field, it seems Kevin looked at the real world, and wrote about things he saw, and not just about the stuff that’s in the minds of kayak marketers with deep pockets full of advertising dollars, which is what other editors prefer to write about and publish.

Kevin writes and publishes for his readers, as it should be, so he didn’t try to conceal the existence of W kayaks from his readers just because Wavewalk doesn’t advertise with his magazine.
Note: The image that was chosen for the article is of a W300 and not a W500 fishing kayak, but it still looks cool. Stuff happens, and this is a minor technical glitch…

W500 fishing kayak in On The Water Magazine article

Kevin mentions the importance of stability in fishing kayaks, which proves he knows what he’s talking about, but we think he should have also covered the big problem of poor ergonomics in fishing kayaks (except W kayaks…), but maybe that’s a subject for a future article 🙂

2 thoughts on “First Serious Fishing Kayak Article in the Mainstream Fishing Media”

  1. Well done! The fishing market is much bigger and more diverse than the paddling and kayak-fishing markets. Therefore, magazines and other media don’t have to suck up to the handful of kayak manufacturers who spend the most on advertising.
    My guess is that it will be along time before we see another article of this kind.


  2. Talking about the paddling and kayak fishing media is beating a dead horse IMHO
    These guys are too busy trying to survive, to pay attention to reality.


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