Kayak Fishing Standing Up

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and two is better than one.

So here’s a couple of kayak fishing pictures sent by Jeff, the kayak fishing guru from Florida:

kayak fishing standing up in Florida

standing fishing kayak

Words are unnecessary, but in this case it’s amusing to read what Jeff writes:
“Notice the happy smiling face I have, I’m not wet or in any way uncomfortable, but I think the other two guys I went fishing with were, and we did have one confirmed case of “wet butt syndrome”.
Both their fishing kayaks had obvious paddling effort issues into the wind the W had no concerns with.
One of them could stand in his boat but it was one of those things done for a quick look not for standup angling. The W500 in comparison to the two other boats fished much larger. Meaning that for it’s size so much more of the boat was available for the angler more of the time. Wasted out of reach areas really don’t exist and the work space for gear and rigging is unsurpassed.
When you arrive in from a day of fishing the W you are ready to go right on back on the water for more. With other kayaks you really need some down time to prepare your body for more abuse.”


2 thoughts on “Kayak Fishing Standing Up”

  1. For the benefit of those who don’t know Jeff, he’s 6’3″ tall, and weighs 245 lbs – a big guy, in other words.

  2. This big guy doesn’t look at all like someone who’s fishing from a small, lightweight kayak, but rather like someone standing on a dock. Good pics!


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