Kayak Fishing Report From Gary – Florida

The weather is finally starting to cooperate down here.
I must have spooked over 100 redfish yesterday, but found one with a low enough IQ to inhale my topwater lure.
The water should be warming up nicely from here on out, and the fish should start feeding a whole lot better.


Florida angler showing redfish he caught from his kayak

Angler casting from his fishing kayak, FL

4 thoughts on “Kayak Fishing Report From Gary – Florida”

  1. Nice fish!

    That fish wasn’t necessarily less intelligent than the others – it may have been just more curious, or hungry.
    Besides, it’s famous now, and swimming free again after only a brief unpleasant moment.
    Sounds like a reasonable deal to me 😀


  2. I think I know many people who’d be dumb enough to bite on a topwater lure, given the opportunity… 😉


  3. Congrats on the Red Fish. 🙂
    Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, the fish should be biting all over!

    Tight lines and Paddle Safe.

  4. Nice looking red Gary. Nice job and on a topwater too, got to be the best way to catch fish. Hopefully we can get down your way soon.

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