The Sea Lion Has Roared – Jeff Started a Kayak Fishing Blog of His Own

Jeff McGovern, and ex-disgruntled Wavewalk Kayaks customer turned big fan, just started his own kayak fishing blog called Jeff’s Tackle Box.

Jeff is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable kayak anglers around, and he’s always been willing to share his insight and enthusiasm with other anglers, whether on Jaxkayakfishing – his local kayak fishing club’s online forum, or worldwide – on the Wavewalk Kayaks forum.

Over the years, Jeff has contributed great articles and reviews about fishing, rigging and fishing tackle to our website. He’s also contributed numerous, interesting kayak fishing and rigging movies , as well as countless comments to our blog.

During these turbulent economic times, Jeff had to change directions in his career, and from being a high flying executive in a big pest management company, he became a distributor for Emmrod – an innovative fishing rod company that offers a range of rods that are particularly suited for kayak fishing, which is Jeff’s passion.

Jeff usually fishes both saltwater and fresh water in the northeastern part of Florida, but once a year he goes on a fishing trip to Canada to fish with his father and brothers.

Jeff at the fishing tackle store

Photo: Jeff and Kate demonstrating fishing rods in a fishing tackle store in Jacksonville, Florida

We wish Jeff a big success in his new business, and we hope his new blog will become popular among kayak anglers, as well as other anglers worldwide.


3 thoughts on “The Sea Lion Has Roared – Jeff Started a Kayak Fishing Blog of His Own”

  1. Wow, gosh Yoav thanks so much for the supporting and very kind words. It’s great to be involved in a business that involves putting smile on someone’s face. The Emmrods and Wavewalk for me anyway are a perfect angling partnership. Having both on the water at the same time are kayak fishing at its best.

  2. And what about writing articles, shooting pictures and video, and producing movies? Isn’t that fun too?
    Plus you get to talk to fish…

  3. Way to go Jeff, Good luck in your new blog and promoting the emmrods!
    I’ll have to check out your new Blog…Congrats!

    Tight lines and paddle safe all!

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