W500 Fishing Kayak With 2 Teenage Brothers Paddling in Tandem…

Paddling a kayak in tandem isn’t easy, as anyone who tried would tell you.
Getting two teenage brothers to do something together isn’t easy either, as frustrated parents would attest.
Therefore, putting two teenage brothers in one kayak and getting them to paddle it in tandem should be considered a particularly ambitious project, unless that kayak happens to be the Wavewalk W500:

The paddlers are 14 year old Yadin and his 11 year old brother Yanay.
Their aggregate weight is 235 lbs.

6 thoughts on “W500 Fishing Kayak With 2 Teenage Brothers Paddling in Tandem…”

  1. Awesome!!!
    The Boys are growing up, Yoav, pretty soon they will be asking for the cars keys and not the paddle!! 🙂

    They did a nice job showing how to paddle together.

    Tight lines and safe paddling all.

  2. I suspect the boys enjoyed being the first on the water in lake Massapoag, which was still frozen until recently.


  3. My goodness Yoav, those two are certainly growing up. Better be careful soon enough they will be taking young ladies for W rides. I remember when you and I tried that tandem thing, we did not go as fast in the old 300 model. Seems to me we were just a tad lower in the water too. It’s unreal how much faster and stable the W500 is than the older boat design.

  4. Today we went to Massapoag lake again, and this time I clocked these two when they paddled in tandem from the southern public beach to the northern public beach.
    It took them 13 minutes, which is the equivalent of 4 mph.
    Not too bad for two untrained kids in a 11 ft kayak 🙂


  5. 4 mph is pretty good for such a casual paddling trip.


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