Donavan Campbell, W300 Stream Kayak Angler, North Carolina

Donavan Campbell is a stream kayak angler from North Carolina, who got his W300 in the summer of last year. He took his time to write a review, and it was worth waiting for…:

I wanted to share my review of the W300 with you…

Muskie caught in fishing kayak, North Carolina

-“Look at the teeth on that Muskie!”

Muskie caught in Donavan's fishing kayak, North Carolina

I use the W300 on the New River in the NC mountains (Sparta, Jefferson) for smallmouth bass fishing.

I was very impressed with the stability of the W300 for river fishing and it’s tracking.
Water depths range from 10′ to 6″ on the New River and the W can handle either along with occasional sharp rocks.

4 lbs, 22 inch smallmouth bass caught in Donavan's fishing kayak, North Carolina

I keep the rigging light for easy maneuverability out of the water and plan to add an additional rod holder and the “wheels” I see from other owners. I fish with other standard kayaks and am glad I purchased the W, I strongly recommend the W to everyone that asks, thanks.

Donavan Campbell
Statesville, NC

Added some fish pictures, first calendared fishing trip for 2010 is March 26th & 27th!

Donavan standing and fishing in his W300 kayak, North Carolina

Donavan's rigged fishing kayak, North Carolina

Donavan's rigged fishing kayak, view from stern, North Carolina

Donavan fishing standing in his kayak, North Carolina

Donavan fishing in the stream in his his Wavewalk kayak, North Carolina

Donavan's favorite river to fish in: New River, North Carolina

New River, North Carolina, where Donavan goes kayak fishing

PS- If anyone in western NC wants to check out a wavewalk I would be happy to help them…

8 thoughts on “Donavan Campbell, W300 Stream Kayak Angler, North Carolina”

  1. Great review!
    The fish are amazing, and the scenic pictures are beautiful!


  2. Ah, sweet!

    Where did you get that awesome seat? 🙂
    Looks like a motorbike’s – How appropriate! 😀


  3. Congrats on your W300 and the great fishing trips. 🙂

    Remember you don’t have to drill any new holes in the yak if you get yourself a Tite-Lok rod holder.

    Open style rod holder with coated contact points.
    And it rotates 360 degree and is a CLAMP mount…no drilling needed.

    I own 2 and love them, plus I added an alum pc to also hold my transducer for my sonar.

    If you search back in riggings the W’s you’ll see a picture of it.

    Looking forward to more reports on your fishing adventures!

    Tight lines and Paddle Safe!

  4. Great Fish

    I am from Hickory NC and looking for something lighter and more manuverable than the plastic two man bass boats. I was searching SOT’s when I found the W kayak. I am big 270 pounds I was wondering about 300 series vs 500?
    How did you fasten in your seat, would it be possible to put in one with a backrest?
    Have you had your boat on still water, I was thinking of fishing some of the eastern black water.

  5. Darrell,
    You will need the 500, and you can add whatever seat you like. I have had my boat on local ponds, Lake Hickory and the New River. Contact me directly at if you want to see the boat sometime, I live in Statesville.

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