Dick Sherman’s Maiden W500 Kayak Fishing Trip, Crystal River, Florida

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Dick Sherman, from Florida, got his yellow W500 fishing kayak a short time ago. He ordered it after testing his friend’s Gary Rankel green W500.

“First of all, I have to thank Gary for introducing me to the Wavewalk and guiding me through the maze of islands and passageways. Without him I probably would still be trying to find my way back.

The Wavewalk was great. It was easy to launch, paddle and fish out of. It is just amazing the places you can go to in the Kayak. We went out at low tide and were often scraping bottom. There would be no other way to get into this area to fish or to view the beautiful scenery. It was really great. No motor noise, beautiful birds and crystal clear water.

Unfortunately our recent cold weather had the fish huddled around a heater that we were unable to find, but I didn’t need to catch fish to have a great time.


Richard in his new W500 fishing kayak

Richard beaching his fishing kayak

And Gary adds:

-“Unfortunately, our recent cold snap seems to have chased the fish to deeper water, so I don’t have a picture of Dick hauling in a big one. He did, however, seem to be very happy with his new kayak, and is excited about learning a new way to fish.

two fishing kayaks on the beach near pickup trucks

Beaching fishing kayaks, Crystal River, Florida

We ran into Adrian Englert on the water, who reminded me that there will be a Paddlers Picnic and Customer Appreciation Day in Crystal River on Feb 20. Adrian plans on setting up a station to inform folks about the new kayak fishing club he is starting.
I’ll bring my W500 for folks to look at, and may even see how I fare in the competition.
Food will be served and gifts and prizes will be handed out. The day should provide an opportunity for folks to compare the W with other kayaks on the market. The event has been covered in our local newspaper so, hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we’ll have a nice turnout.


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9 thoughts on “Dick Sherman’s Maiden W500 Kayak Fishing Trip, Crystal River, Florida”

  1. Congrats on your New W500!!!
    It’s going to give you Years of Paddling and Fishing Pleasure!! 🙂
    Have fun at the Paddlers Picnic and Customer Appreciation Day!!

    Tight lines and paddle safe!

  2. I like the fact there’s no crate on either of these fishing yaks,

  3. March 3. 2010: I am very interested in the 500 series kayak. And, I am going to try to get to the Cystal River area to meet a man, who has the 500 series kayak, but I am waiting until it warms up more. In the meantime, is there anyone in the Orlando area, who has a 300 or 500 series that I could look at? gorbonso@yahoo.com

  4. Tom,

    From what you told me before I think it would be pointless for you to test a W300, as the W500 better fits your needs.


  5. I am also very interested in the 500 series kayak and live in Orlando and
    am willing to drive to crystal river to try one out. Please let me know about any future picnics/opportunities. BrianR7@yahoo.com

    I weigh around 225 and like to have a couple passengers when I canoe so I wish there was a longer version. 17-18 feet would be good for me.

  6. Hi, do you know anyone in south florida (Miami or naples or even florida keys, FL) that owns a wave for flats fishing that I can speak with. Pls let me know. Ken

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