Another Topwater Slam for Gary in his W500 Fishing Kayak, Florida

Great day on the water.  Got a nice redfish and snook, 2 nice trout including a gator, several ladies and a cat, all on topwater.  Bring on the Fall.

Gary Rankel

Redfish caught on topwater lure in Gary's fishing kayak, Florida

Snook caught on topwater lure, Gary's fishing kayak, Florida

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6 thoughts on “Another Topwater Slam for Gary in his W500 Fishing Kayak, Florida”

  1. Whoa!
    Sounds like the fishing season is just beginning for you!
    Congratulations 😀

  2. Maybe marine biologists should be considered “professional kayak anglers” and have some kind of “fishing handicap” like golf players have a golf handicap? 😀 😀 (just kidding)
    Great catch!

  3. That’s the time to get out there and catch some fish!
    BOB K

  4. Hey Gary, Yeah this is a very good time of year. Our east coast has been getting better each week. I just need to find a 28 inch trout in the next two days. Getting loads of 18 inchers here but my best this season have been in your neck of the woods out of Crystal River. That all day topwarter over those grass beds is really nice. Nothing like standing in that W500 as your wind drift along standing, casting, and catching. SCC in a W is just right.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. It’s always fun heading out in my W and watching other yakers check it out. Most will paddle over, scratch their heads, and move on, but a few will paddle closer and inquire about it. Yoav, I still think you need to put the wavewalk. com email address on the sides of the W like you did on the 2006 model so interested individuals can check it out. Jeff….I’ve gotten to the point where I seldom go out anymore when winds top 10 knots so I can fish exclusively with topwater. Feeling fish hit underwater, as opposed to watching one slam it on top, just doesn’t turn me on anymore.

  6. Sweet!!! That Red Fish Inhaled that Lure!! 🙂
    Congrats on a Great day of multi-species fish. 🙂

    Tight Lines all.

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