The Benefits of Stretching in Your Kayak

There’s a new article about the benefits of stretching in your kayak on the Painless Kayak Fishing blog.

Obviously, stretching in a sit-in or SOT kayak is wishful thinking at best, while anyone can stand up and stretch in any W kayak model (vertical stretching), and the W500 offers the possibility to lay down comfortably on the saddle, and stretch horizontally as well.

2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Stretching in Your Kayak”

  1. Nice to be able to move around in the W. While friends are heading for shore to take a break I can keep right on fishing. So I guess the W gives you most fishing time of any kayak on the water.

  2. Heck, not only can you stretch your legs in the Wavewalks, You Can Lay Down and take a nap!!
    It sure is great to be able to Stand and stretch out too. 🙂


    Laying down and stretching in fishing kayak

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