Ty – Rox’ Dog, in her W500 Fishing Kayak

Ty is one of Rox’ four dogs, and she goes with Rox on all her shore fishing trips.
Rox says that if Ty could she’d join her fishing in the W500 kayak.

Rox' dog sitting in her fishing kayak

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3 thoughts on “Ty – Rox’ Dog, in her W500 Fishing Kayak”

  1. Nice dog! I guess taking your dog on board for a fishing trip could be a risky business with hooks flying around…


  2. Wow Rox. I hope that puppy is full grown. I see less dogs in boats now than a few years ago. I think the trips to the vet for hook removal were getting a little expensive for some people. I had a smaller dog years ago when the kids were little. He enjoyed riding around in my canoe ( a Mohawk Yoav, bought right at the factory). Virtually all of the fishing we did then was with slip sinkers and plastic worms so gang trebles were not an issue. The only problem he had as that he never got the idea that lilly pads were just floating. He would launch himself off the front seat to chase the ducks around. He never got it that you cold not run across lilly pads. Thank goodness we did not have any hungry gators in that spring area since he was snack sized.

  3. Jeff, Ty is now 3 years old.
    She is a great dog, and at a very early age (8 weeks) she’s gone
    fishing from shore with me.

    She has been trained to the word wait, if something is wrong.

    She got Tangled in fishing line with hooks and all once, left on shore by some careless fishermen.
    I told her to wait, She stopped right in her tracks, and waited for me to untangle her.
    From that day on, she will stop if I tell her to, she will also back up, when told back.
    She’s a good dog, and very smart.

    This is her time of year, I do a lot of trout fishing on the Farmington river.
    And she will not enter the water unless she is told she can.
    So the Fly fishermen don’t mind her at all when she tags along with me.

    Thank God we don’t have gators up here, for her sake and Mine!


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