Rox Fishing Back in Rainbow Reservoir, Connecticut

Here’s a trip I did on Oct 19th fishing from Shore at Rainbow Reservoir, in Windsor Ct.
As you know they drained this place to repair the Dam, and since Oct 5th, it’s been refilling. 🙂

Walked down to one of my favorite fall spots, can’t wait to get my W500 back in here.
Armed with a hair jig with a small craw attached on my 6’6″ Custom St Croix smallie ultra lite rod with 8lb test vanish. And my 6’6″ St Croix rigged with 10# fireline with 10# vanish leader with a c-rigged worm.

Rox holding a big fish she caught in her kayak

What a beautiful day it turned into.
I got to the waters edge at 10:30am left at 3pm.
Windy, sunny no idea what the water temps were.

Fished deep water to shore, as far as my little arms could cast out to.
As I was crawling the hair/craw jig along the bottom, I got a solid Thump, set the hook, and the battle was on.
Pulling drag at will, the beast headed out to deeper water, got her turned and battle her back to me.
She came up to show me her big old head, and in that moment I was wondering, how the heck I would land her, 8#test and a bunch of rocks, so I figured I was gonna get wet.
This is one big Bass, get her closer to shore, then in an instant, she’s gone. She straightened the Hook!!!! Holy S#*****+!! Guess I should have fought her a little longer. :banghead:

Landed a good 2# smallie bumping bottom with a new hair jig and craw, she gave me a good strong fight, then another as the rig hit the water. And the very next cast…….Bam another smallie. :cha:
Then nothing, must have been a school moving around.

Moved down the bank some more and Grabbed the c-rigged worm and started working it from deep water to shore.
Slowly dragging it, and making long pauses, I worked down the shore line about a football fields length.
I would cast and work it back to me, take 10 sets from the spot I was started, repeating it over and over, then BAM, Big Fish, shaking her head Like crazy, 20′ from shore, Up she Comes with a Big Somersault and dives, My Drag is screaming, gain some ground and Off she ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ again, I get her turned and I all STOPS????????????????? Shes snagged on a stump or something, with my line taught, I can feel her shaking her head!!!!!!!!
I start running to the right with my rod tip Held High, hoping to free the Beast, she still on I feel her pulling then Bink!!! Off she comes on what ever she was hung up on, Lord Have mercy, I got to land her PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now the battle is won, she’s tired, I’m reeling her in with no fight left. Get my thumb in her mouth and She’s Mine!!! :cha: Frigging fish will be the death of me yet, my heart is pounding, my hands are shaking, snap a couple of pictures, get her back in the water holding her tail, I don’t care that I’m wet, I’m making sure she swims away strong, she feels like shes ready, I release her tail, she rolls slightly looking at me with the Big old Bug eye then in an instant she was gone. 🙂 Caught a bunch more, all put up great fights, digging down deep. Man I love fall Fishing!!!
LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!


Rox holding a big bass she caught in her kayak

Rox holding a small mouth bass she caught in her kayak

Rox holding a big fish she caught in her kayak

Rox holding a big fish she caught in her kayak

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4 thoughts on “Rox Fishing Back in Rainbow Reservoir, Connecticut”

  1. Rox,

    I was under the impression there were no fish left there after your last trip 😀


  2. Last time Rox must have released the fish after taking their mug shot 🙂
    Awesome story Rox!

  3. Rox,
    I can’t believe the bass you tie into! Amazing account. You really should be Field & Stream’s field editor.
    John Z

  4. Hey John,

    And what’s wrong with starring on Wavewalk’s blog? 😉


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