Video Tour of Jeff’s W500 Super Fishing Kayak

Jeff did it again: Now he takes us on a video tour of his new W500 that’s fully rigged for saltwater fishing, yet features no milk crate!

And if you happen to wonder what fish are inside that blue bag at the bottom of the kayak’s hull, here’s, one of them – a nice, tasty looking sea trout:

Sea trout caught in W500 fishing kayak, FL

8 thoughts on “Video Tour of Jeff’s W500 Super Fishing Kayak”

  1. Nice, simple, and apparently effective as well.
    I guess those big pieces of foam serve as headrest and footrests during nap time 🙂

  2. It’s the logical conclusion – if you have enough storage on board and your gear is well protected you don’t need a milk crate.

  3. Milk crates are necessary for those who happen to fish from paddle boards labeled “sit on top kayak”, but with a comprehensive solution like the w500 they are obsolete.

  4. Blue,
    Whether you meant that milk crates are obsolete, or SOT kayaks are – I think you’re right 😀

  5. Awesome Jeff, keeping it simple has never been so easy!

    Great video, and a Nice Sea Trout for dinner! 🙂


  6. Great boat. How does it drain compared to a SOT? My [push pedal drive sot kayak] is a real barge offshore, and I constantly get wet. At my age, I’m looking for something more comfortable.

  7. Bob,
    Unlike a SOT kayak hull that you need to take back to shore if you want to drain it from the water that inevitably gets inside, draining the bottom of the W kayak hulls is fairly easy, and it’s done either with a big sponge or a heavy towel, or with a hand bucket.
    Hand operated bilge pumps used for draining touring and sea kayaks work fine too.
    The main advantages of the W kayak compared to a SOT are that it offers a substantial free board, you can easily cover any part of the W cockpit with a cockpit cover, and from a safety standpoint, you can actually see the water that’s getting in, which isn’t the case with SOT kayaks, where you sometime learn about water that got into the hull a bit too late:
    As for the particular SOT configuration that you’re using, I’d like to recommend you read this article:

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