Sharon and Darby W500 Kayak Trip on the Eagle River, Wisconsin

We just got home from a VERY COLD trip to the Eagle River Chain of Lakes!

Sharon and Darby in the W500 fishing kayak, Eagle River, WI

But I bundled up and got out in my W as much as possible between rain, sleet and a few snow flakes!

Sharon and her dog in the W500 fishing kayak trip

You can see that Darby really hangs in there and loves to go kayaking!

I’m thinking that my kayaking will be limited until next spring as winter is surely in the air here!


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  1. Quebec Seakayaker

    Oh wow, this looks windy! The dog looks perfectly calm though 🙂

  2. Mike M

    I bet fishing wasn’t easy that day…

  3. Knucklewalker

    It seems to me like the dog is having fun!

  4. Rox

    How great is that!!
    My dog is just too big to do that with her, you are very lucky. 🙂

    I see you are bundle up good, heck if you dress right, and wear your PFD.
    You can paddle till the ice comes. 🙂

    Get yourself a hunters Hot Seat, it will keep you bottom warm as toast,
    and makes paddling in cold weather a joy!

    Happy and Safe Paddling All

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