Rox at the Congamond Lake Open Bass Fishing Tourney

Oct 17th Congamond Lake Open Bass Tourney.
Start time 7am to 3pm
Water temps were 50 early am, to 56/57 degrees by 1pm.

We were faced with 15 boats, and had to pick numbers to line up for the start of the tourney.
My partner Mike, told me to pick the number, and I picked #11.
I was bummed to be near the end of the start up pack, but was very happy to Learn that the Numbers started at 10, so that put us in the number 2 spot of the starting line up.  🙂

Rox showing bass caught in her fishing kayak at the bass fishing tourney

It was a cold 43 degrees when we launched at 7am.
Thankfully, there were no winds Yet, but that all changed by 9am.
With winds from 9mph to 20mph at times, made boat control a chore, but my partner Mike did a great job battling the winds.

We had a game plan, depending on the water temps, so when we passed through the flats and they were at 50 degrees, we made the decision to head to a point with some wood that went from 2 feet of water that sloped down to 20 feet of water.

beached bass boats at bass fishing tourney

Mike was fishing horizontal baits, and I was fishing vertical.
Hoping to establish a pattern quickly.

My choice of lure, Black Texas rigged worms, fishing them weightless.
Which is always a challenge when you add in the Wind Factor.
Keeping contact with the line and bait as best I could, letting it slowly stink in the middle of the downed tree in 14 feet of water, when I get a mushy feel, not a tap or strong bite, just felt a little mushy.
I reeled up the slack, felt weight and set the hook hard.
My partner got the net, and the first Large Mouth Bass was in the boat.

Then it happened, in the FLW rules, you are supposed to not fish within 50 feet of a boater.
After getting the first bass in the live well, I turned back to fish my tree, and a boat had moved in On Top of it and was jigging.
Next thing we see, they land a Bass, then another and another, they pulled 5 Bass off of where I was fishing, Unbelievable.

So we started working our way down the bank towards another downed tree that also went from 1 foot to 14 feet of water.
As we got closer, I heard the boat we left at our first spot start their motor and race over the the next tree we were going to fish.
They just cut us off, and Left us with our Jaws hanging wide open.

I had this strong urge to whip a 40lb braided line with a huge treble hooked bait on it at them…………but that would be un-sportsmen like!
But it felt good to think it.

These are some of the reasons I don’t fish Bass Tournaments, as far as I’m concerned, these two Bass fishermen are cheaters, but I do believe in Karma.

We fished hard the rest of the morning and afternoon, with nothing to show for it.
My partner lost 3 bass and I wasn’t getting anything.
We switched up on lures, cranks, spinnerbaits, jigs, swim baits, drop shot, whacky rigs, nada zip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then with 30 minutes left, we headed back to the point and the tree everyone had beaten the snot out of today.
Back to our original plan, Mike fish a horizontal bait and I fished vertical.

Dropped my Texas rigged Black worm back into the tree, and Bam, fish on.
Now we had 2 bass in the live well.
I cast back up into the tree, and Mike yells fish on, I drop my rod, grab the Net, now we Have three Bass in the well. 🙂

Pick up my rod and cast back into the tree and counted it down to the bottom, a little twitch after a 20 count,
Which seems like forever when your on the clock, and I got the mushy feeling again, set the Hook and Bass number 4 came to the net.
5 Minutes to go before we had to be back for the weigh in, we worked the bank back to the opposite tree, but time ran out.

So we headed back to the ramp 2 Bass shy of a limit, and Thankful for the Bass we did get.

The winning Bag went 22.19 pounds, but there were many boats with no Bass at all, I think we came in around 12th.

And the Two Bass Fishermen who cut us off, didn’t end with the winning bag, though their bag went for 17.8 lbs, Karma took them out of the running.

Tight Lines All

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6 thoughts on “Rox at the Congamond Lake Open Bass Fishing Tourney”

  1. Well, as they say, You can’t always get what you want… but at least you had some fun 🙂


  2. Rox,
    Can’t stand cheaters! Poor excuse for guys who are actually called sportsmen. Still, you guys did really well and still placed high in the standings. Congratulations on playing fair and catching some nice bass.
    John Z

  3. You know we have the relative of that bass fisherman here in Florida running a green skiff. He is infamous in the Highbridge area we find snook. His worst run in with us was a group of 6 of us yak fishing a tidal run from both banks. There were partially submerged trees there and nice depth holding the snook. This clown comes right between us maybe 10 feet from the sand bank guys in our group and tosses a cast net right into the center of the hole. Acted as if we were not even there. Then he just cranked up and off he went. He has also blown out flats by motoring through them and even motored past out guys in narrow channels blowing out the area for hours. He is totally clueless. Rox, it’s sad to know those goofs are everywhere. Anyway you had a great tourney and went home having caught some fish. Not a bad way to end the day.

  4. Thanks everyone.

    My partner and I were very thankful for the Bass we landed.
    And even more so, that the weather held off, we were expecting
    Heavy rains by 1pm, thank God the weather front slowed down!!!

    Tight Lines All

  5. Cheaters don’t deserve to be placing in a tournament! As you said karma comes back to bite you! I just don’t understand how people can cheat in tournaments, you can’t feel as good about your win right?

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