Rox’ October Kayak Bass Fishing Adventure

I Went fishing at Congamond Lake, on the Connecticut – Massachusetts border.
Oct 12th, I was pre-fishing, for my up coming Open Bass tourney Sat 17th.
My partner was sick, can you believe that!!! He called out sick for work and Fishing!!
So I went out in my W500. 🙂

big large mouth bass caught in Rox' fishing kayak

Got on the water I think it was 10:30 or close to 11am.
Water temps were 56 to 60 degrees.
Water was cloudy, (turn over time has come) with tons of bait fish every where.
Cloudy/partly sunny, with a chill in the air.
Fished 2 feet to 26 feet.

Fished slow and on the bottom.
Weightless Texas rigged plastic worms were the ticket.

nice large mouth bass caught in Rox' fishing kayak

Casting it up into the pads, and let it sink slowly, waiting for the line to move, or to feel that tap.
Gave it a twitch after a count to 10, and Bam fish on.
After a short battle I got her in the net.

All of a sudden I hear “Way to Go Rox”
Two fellows I know from my Fishing site had been watching me fish, and I didn’t even know they were coming up behind me in their boat.

They were kind enough to snap a picture for me.
I wish I had gotten the weight, but in all the excitement I forgot, DOH!!!!!!!!!

She was well over 3lbs, maybe even close to 3.5lbs, and her Belly was Full!!!
Great way to start my trip. 🙂

Caught a number of 12″, 2-14″ then a solid 2.10lb and a 2.14lb large mouth bass.
Which I weighed, and was even more sure that first Bass had to be way over 3lbs.
Landed tooooooooo many snakes (pickerel) today, had to keep re-tying due to line nicks.

Wind had picked up a little more then the weatherman had said, so in 19′ of water I had to drop anchor to fish some wood down deep.

Hooked a real Nice Bass that wrapped itself up around a branch, near the surface.
Soooooooooooooo I started to paddle to retrieve the Bass keeping my line tight when my yak stopped………………I forgot to pull up my anchor………….resulting in a lost Bass……….. Oh Well!

I did get a limit, so I was happy with that, was off the water at 5pm.
Did not snap any pictures of the smaller Bass, only picture worthy Bass today over 2lbs were taken.
I should have taken a picture of my last snake, it was big long and fat.

Tight Lines and Safe Paddling All. 🙂

3 lb large mouth bass caught in Rox' fishing kayak

2.14 lb large mouth bass caught in Rox' fishing kayak

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4 thoughts on “Rox’ October Kayak Bass Fishing Adventure”

  1. Rox,
    Many people around the country will keep their fingers crossed for you on the 17th 🙂
    That is unless they have to use their fingers to tie knots or unhook fish, of course 😀


  2. Nice catch Rox! Seems like you’ve stopped using the trolling motor since you got your W500 😉

  3. Thank you for the most entertaining report, and good luck on the tournament! 🙂

  4. Rox,
    You are a bass fishing machine! Great report of your pre-tournament scouting trip. I assume you’ll be in a proper bass boat during the tournament. Although I guess you could ride the W sidesaddle and use 1 of the pontoons as a livewell. Best of luck in the tournament. You’ve certainly found some hot bass structure.
    John Z

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