Norm’s Summer Kayak Fishing With His Grandson Luke, Rhode Island

Had a great summer, and looking to a better fall with the W and the grandson.

Luke sitting in his grandfather's fishing kayak, and showing a calico bass he caught

We really have been doing a lot of fishing from Narragansett Bay to exploring new fishing ponds and lakes. Luke hasn’t caught the real big lunker yet, but plenty of nice fish like this calico bass.

The W500 is ideal for me and the kid, easy to move and plenty of room for fishing. He can spin around, stand and paddle like a pro.

Norm's rigged w500 fishing yak, Naragansett Bay, RI

Planning many more trips before winter sets in.  I can’t wait to see him struggling to pull in the big 5 lb bass – It’s gonna make a great picture!


Norm's rigged w500 fishing yak, Naragansett Bay, RI

4 thoughts on “Norm’s Summer Kayak Fishing With His Grandson Luke, Rhode Island”

  1. Freshwater, saltwater – pretty impressive! 😀
    Nice catch, Luke!

  2. Now that’s quite a team!
    Being in a small yak isn’t easy with all those boats sending their wakes from all directions 😀

  3. It’s always great seeing the next generation enjoying fishing. We need more of this since kids have so many other things that can keep the from the outdoors. Fishing needs the support of anglers everywhere as there are less places to launch and less money to maintain what there is. Getting young people involved not only gives them a lifetime sport to enjoy it preserves the sport for us as we get older. Heck, at some point we need the them to drive us to the launch to get our Ws on the water. Great Job Norm looks like you are a wonderful guide for a talented young angler.

  4. How awesome is that. 🙂
    Sounds like it was one Great Summer.

    And to do it all together in the W500, together. 🙂

    I also can’t wait for your grandson to hook a big fish, and go for a sleigh ride. 🙂

    Love that smile, teaching him the joy of fishing will reward you
    and your family with memories that will last a life time. 🙂

    Tight lines and Safe paddling All.

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