Kayak Fishing for Redfish in Crystal River, FL – Gary Rankel’s Report

A good day today.

Lots of big redfish in the Crystal River area this month doing their annual thing, most are beyond the reach of us yakers, but I was lucky to get a couple of stragglers.


Redfish in fishing kayak, Crystal River, FL

Redfish hooked to fishing kayak, Crystal River, FL

Redfish cuaght in fishing kayak, Crystal River, FL

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  1. Marco

    Beautiful fish!

  2. Jeff McGovern

    Nice job Gary. The time of year is right and we should get into the larger fish now. Besides we won’t cook ourselves out on the water all day. I was down there last week and the topwater trout bite was outstanding for as long as we cared to fish. Our area up here in the NE is already turning on nicely. My trouble is it’s hard to give up chasing after those crazy snook. Our main area has thousands of dollars of lures donated to the snook gods. I’m sure the fish are swimming around wearing them as bling.

  3. Rox

    Thats a Real Nice Chunker!!!
    Great pictures of a Beautiful Red Fish. 🙂

    Tight Lines

  4. Redfish Fishing

    Beautiful fish. Great job! I love the photos.

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