Rox’ September Kayak Fishing Adventures, Chapter 2

On September 13th at Rainbow res.

After 4 sleepless nights due to pain, I went fishing, hoping to forget about these last few days.
I paddle above a bend with some good current, and let myself drift as I banged the Banks.
Oh MY God, My pole is bent to the max, drag is screaming……….Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
up comes a Huge SMALLIE, and she’s got friends!!!!!!!
small mouth bass draw down
I love it when the Smallies will chase the one that’s hooked all the way back to the boat, trying to steal the prize in it’s mouth!
I toss my marker out because I’m drifting pretty fast from where she hit.
rock bass in fishing kayak
She starts screaming  upstream I turn her and back down she comes.
She going wild under my yak, doing circles, I gain some ground, net ready, and scoop her Up!!!!!
I took a picture and she weighed in at 3.1lbs.
Somehow my friggin camera was on movie, ….but I noticed right before I tossed her back.
I paddle back above the marker and repeat the process.
First cast back to the bank, one twitch and BAMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!
Another huge Smallie!!! Get her to the net as quickly as she’d let me, snap a picture, paddle back up and BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!
Another Beast!!!!!!!
smallmouth bass draw down
Holy Cheese on Rice………….I HIT THE MOTHER LOAD!!!!!!!!!!
I pulling in  3+lb  Smallies and a slew of 2 to 2 1/2 lbs smallies a Bonus Large Mouth bass 3.6lbs.
All fished hit in the same manner………….BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!
Then a Beast of a rock bass. Which was my last fish, I had lost daylight, it’s 7:30pm and I got a LONG Paddle back to the ramp.
Clip on my hat lamp, went to adjust it, but knocked it off in 15′ of water, light was still shining as it sank!!
But I didn’t care, not at all.
Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to sleep tonight!!
Life Is Good
smallmouth bass draw down

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4 thoughts on “Rox’ September Kayak Fishing Adventures, Chapter 2”

  1. That was fun to read! 😀
    I believe now they have flashlights that float, maybe your next one should be one of those?

  2. I love it when the Smallies will chase the one that’s hooked all the way back to the boat, trying to steal the prize in it’s mouth!—–

    Too bad that doesn’t happen to me.. 🙁

    Excellent story! 🙂


  3. Nice batch of fish Rox. Sorry to hear about that head lamp and least you know that brand will work underwater. A firm called Inova makes a light called a 24/7 that comes with a head band, works on a vest, comes with a neck strap and a magnetic holder. It might do for you. In the shot of me with Ed Wheeler at the back of his truck it’s the one on my vest. I wish we had smallmouth down here that fish is such a figher. They say a snook has that same kind of fighting heart. But with smallmouth fishing you get to go home and not face all the cleaning we do here.

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