James Phillips’ W500 Fishing Kayak Review, British Columbia, Canada

I am very satisfied with the kayak. I am thankful that you had invented such a model because it serves my purpose quite well.

The most important thing for me is that I can ride the kayak “straddled” [I.E. in the Riding Position] with my knees bent. I have a back condition that has made the past few years of using a regular canoe painful after a short time out. I must always kneel in a canoe because I cannot sit with my legs straight out in front of me without causing back pain.

I still can use the canoe but am limited to about 1/2 hour before I need to hit the beach and get out and stretch. Your design is much easier on my back and I can easily turn around when I need to stretch a bit. Also being reasonably light in weight and made from a polyethylene material makes it easy for me to get the kayak in the water and then back on my vehicle. A little bumping on the ground is not of much concern.

My balance and comfort level is improving however I wished when the weather was warmer (and a swim was not a problem in warmer water) I had pushed it to the limits. I was content just to go slow with getting a comfort level and now the water is to chilly to risk falling out… 😀

I have yet to send you pictures because I am almost always out solo. It is quite hard to be out in the kayak on the water AND be on the beach at the same time taking pictures… 😀 .

Perhaps before the snow hits…and my kayaking is over for this year I may get some pictures.


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8 thoughts on “James Phillips’ W500 Fishing Kayak Review, British Columbia, Canada”

  1. Canoeing is big in Canada, where the cold water dissuades folks from getting into kayaks (real ones I mean, not SOT… 😀 )
    W kayaks, or w canoes … could very well change that.

  2. Canoes are less painful and harmful to the paddler’s back than kayaks are, but still, they are not very comfortable, to say the least. If you like canoeing you can try paddling your W500 with a canoe paddle – it works very well, maybe even better than with a regular canoe, because Ws track better.

  3. Way to go James, glad your getting more confident in your trips.

    Taking it slow is not a bad thing at all.

    Just make sure you have on PFD at all times, now the the temps have chilled.
    And a dry suit of some sorts is another good thing to wear.

    I will use my yak till the ice comes, I wear the PFD along with my
    rain gear underneath, and I wear two layers under that.

    You can always remove clothes if it gets too warm.

    I alway keep a set of dry clothes in my Truck
    and in a dry bag in the yak Just In Case!!!

    I’ve never fallin in with the W, but when I had my SIT I did, in May…….
    Not pretty and Friggin COLD!!!
    Thats when I learned to keep extra clothes with me.

    Take your time, I know the season will end for you quicker up north,
    But when spring comes you’ll be golden. 🙂

    Good Luck A Paddle Safe!

  4. I agree, and you can paddle the W from the middle or from the stern, depending on whether you need more speed or more maneuverability.
    W kayaks are also narrower than most canoes, and that helps in paddling too.

  5. I like canoes but I have to admit that solo canoeing isn’t that easy, especially in strong wind.
    Mike H

  6. Indeed.
    Since then we got a dozen new reviews from northern W kayak fishermen and fisher women from Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Washington, as well as from Ontario and British Columbia, in Canada.
    This represents an unusually high ratio of northern to southern kayak fishermen, considering the fact that kayak fishing is still largely a warm climate activity.


  7. What about that motorized W review from England? 😀
    It might not be as cold as Vermont, but it’s further to the North…
    Anyway, Florida, Texas and California are still leading the count – so far 😉


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