Rox’ Account of Her September Kayak Fishing Adventures. Chapter 1

Hi All,

Here’s a recap of Septembers W500 adventures.

I can’t believe September is come and almost gone.

Fall is approaching way to fast this year, maybe it’s because June and July, we were faced with rain, heavy rains.
I feel a little cheated this season, August was good to me, September was Outstanding.
Some of my best Small Mouth Bass fishing ever.
The Large Mouths were Pretty Great too.  🙂
And a Bonus Pike.

Large mouth bass in Rox' kayak, RR

I fished Rainbow Reservoir, and Weathersfield Cove, which is a Cove Off the Ct River.
Sad part is, Rainbow Reservoir has been Drained for Dam Repair, Last pictures I got were very bleak.

Large mouth bass in Rox' kayak, WS

On September 11th:

While fishing in the Rain, prior to the draining of the lake.
I was thinking what 9/11 has done to our country, waiting for that next ball to drop!
But we got threw the day, no mishaps, and even a few bass came to hand.
I was only out for 3 hours.

Large mouth bass in Rox' kayak, RR

On September 12th:

Today water levels low, no movement of water, wind was blowing one way,
I’d anchor up, but Mother Nature changed her mind, and would swing me in the other direction.
Thats okay, I can take what ever she had to dish out.

Sooooooo, She opened up the skies for me!!!
But today I was ready, and good thing, because I couldn’t hide under any trees, unless you beached and walked in ten feet to the trees.
My handy dandy tarp worked out great, kept me high and dry!!

Fishing kayak covered with tarp, in a rain storm
Outside view of my weatherproof yak

Inside fishing kayak covered with tarp, in a rain storm
Inside view of my weatherproof yak

A tree I found with the sonar in 20′ of water, was Lit up with a big School of smallies, but I could not hold position to fish them, the wind was whipping, and my Anchor wouldn’t hold me!!!
Time to upgrade the anchor!!!
So I paddled out to a fellow with his 2 sons, and told them to hit the tree that was sticking out, I told him to tie on some grubs and hang on.
Within 5 minutes, the boys where Screaming like Girls!!!!!!

I met them at the launch when I was leaving and loading my yak.
He came in Thanking me for making his sons day.
His boys and himself caught 18 smallies off that tree, and his youngest boy got the biggest Smallies. (his older brother was pissed)
His first and best ever was a solid 3lb smallie, then he landed a 5lb Smallie, his Dad was so Proud.
He shook my hand and thanked me saying, “I’ve never had anyone give me help on what to fish, let alone a spot like that to fish from, Ever”

It made my day to see how happy those boys were.

Small mouth bass in fishing kayak

I got there at 10am and left at 6pm.

Life Is good!

Then the rest of my September, was outstanding, Last day I fished was the 21st.

My hard work had paid off, and the Bite was on with each trip.
The last trips I made were with the yak cart, they had closed the Parking lot at Rainbow, do to the draining, so it was an easy
walk down to the waters edge, but the walk back was All Up Hill!!!!
(in my best Roseanne Roseannadanna voice) “I Thought I was Gonna Die!!” 🙂

Small mouth bass in fishing kayak

I’ve never landed so many Quality Small Mouth Bass, some over 3 pounds, and the Biggest went 4.3lbs, caught on my last trip, September 21st of the season.
She turned my W500 in a complete circle while I battled her, once she was in the net and I lifted her from the waters, I knew she was a big girl. 🙂
I include the release photos of this 4.3 pound Smallie.

Large mouth bass in fishing kayak
All of this Brought to you by……………..The W500 and W300, best fishing Kayaks in the World.

I also included a Video of Rainbow Reservoirs Draining, I am heartbroken.

Hopefully they will have the repair done before the Ice comes.

Tight lines all, and Paddle Safe.

Small mouth bass in fishing kayak

Small mouth bass in fishing kayak - night fishing

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11 thoughts on “Rox’ Account of Her September Kayak Fishing Adventures. Chapter 1”

  1. Rox made sure there were no fish left in that reservoir before they drained it!

  2. Yep, that trap/tent worked great, I’ll work on it more with some left over
    tent rain cover rods.

    A mini Bimini top. 🙂

    I got to put some thinking into it, I want to be able to pull it up and over my
    head, and then be able to fold it back into place after the rains.
    I stayed nice and Dry. 🙂


  3. Since Wavewalk came up with the preparation for cockpit cover I had some doubts about how effective it could be in a rainstorm, but I must say that now I’m convinced. Who knows, maybe I’ll try that myself one day? 🙂

  4. Excellent fishing diary for September Rox! And to think the month isn’t even over. Great story about the guy with his kids. That family has a memory for life!
    PS: Doesn’t your arm ever get tired of holding up those big bass for photos?

  5. Needless to remind everybody that if you see lightning or hear thunder it means that staying on the water is dangerous: In such case the safe thing to do is reach land and find shelter ASAP.


  6. the best part of that post is tipping that guy and his kids off to where to catch fish. it takes a big person to be giving that way, like it takes a big person to teach someone. kudos to you for not being selfish! that will make ripples throughout their lives way beyond the ones on the lake 🙂

  7. Hi Gene,

    The simplest and safest way is to use a long chain going around the cockpit longitudinally, that is between the hulls-front and back.
    You attach both ends of the chain with a padlock.


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