Francis Muldoon – W500 kayak owner, Key West, Florida

I really like my 500 Wavewalk kayak.
Previously I had used a sit on plastic Kayak (which belonged to my nephew) only to rig hurricane lines to offshore moorings in order to keep my fishing boat off the seawall during storms. I would never have considered a pleasure cruise in that tipsy slow slug.
My nephew reclaimed his SOT kayak earlier this year, and with hurricane season approaching once again, I began looking for a replacement.
Although more pricey, the Wavewalk caught my eye, and since it arrived I’ve been taking near daily trips around the shallow water here in the Keys. I love the way it glides and tracks as well as it’s ability to go in real shallow water.
By the way, I can paddle standing up but don’t seem to make as good speed as sitting down. I admit to still feeling awkward standing, but love the view it allows of our shallows here.
I wonder if I shouldn’t be able to go faster standing up since I’m using my legs too.
I’m looking forward to refining my technique.

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5 thoughts on “Francis Muldoon – W500 kayak owner, Key West, Florida”

  1. Interesting!
    Technique is pretty much a product of practice, combined with a relaxed attitude. Flat and quiet water is great for stand up paddling on one side, with a canoe-style J stroke – works great, an it’s easy one you get the hang of it.

  2. I wouldn’t call the W500 (or even the W300) “pricey”. With all those branded fishing kayaks that cost over a thousand dollars, and sometimes even fifteen hundred, who are nothing more than sit on-top kayaks, that is fundamentally little more than paddle boards.
    Wavewalk kayaks offer unrivaled performance, sometimes comparable to much bigger fishing boats.

  3. Congrats on your New W500.

    As you get accustomed to the Handling, you’ll be able to paddle just as
    fast standing as you do sitting.

    If fact, I can paddle faster standing now, then I do sitting.
    I find standing and paddling almost effortless.
    Big Bonus in my book!!!!!!!!

    Happy and Safe Paddling All!

  4. When you’re standing up in strong back wind you don’t even have to paddle to go fast 😉 just a little bit of steering now and then, and the wind takes you right where you want to go on the double! 😀
    I’d call it the ultimate free ride, because unlike the sleigh ride, you don’t risk losing your lure to the fish, and you don’t even have to bother unhooking it once the ride is over 😀 😀

  5. Another success story and the W as a work boat too, outstanding. Paddling standing or sitting results in about the same speed once you get the cadence down and those unused muscles enjoying the paddling process. It won’t take but a few trips to get in shape. The boat moves quicker than you think. Yoav once pointed out to me the W seemed slow because of the higher paddling position. But in reality you’ll find yourself passing friends in other boats with ease. Observers on the dock once commented how fast the W crossed the ICW near where I normally fish. Wind is not too much of an issue as least in my experience.

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