Jeff’s Report From His First W500 Kayak Fishing Trip

Well got the first one out of the way this morning. Headed on over to what is now Genung’s Fish Camp and put in right around sun up. I had the hope the first fish would be some dramatic catch of a trophy sized game fish but alas it was a jack.

Followed by a dozen more through the course of the morning. Lately the area seem to be a stalking ground for schools of these little devils. They fight very hard and pull like tractors, far out of proportion to their size. All of them were caught on topwater plugs either the Chug Bug or a Super Spook.
The W500 is wonderful fishing in the grass nothing else can move through it so easily and then allow the angler to stand quickly. Stability even while using bait caster was superb and fishing those jacks standing was simple with no feeling of tipping or losing ones balance. I fished just over four straight hours before getting out to cool off wading a little bit. The boat tracks very well and handles the wakes from the ocean going yachts without any issues. Over all comfort was great and the feeling of being able to fully relax is really something.
I’ll add a foam headrest at the rear of the cowling. That’s for nap time and resting after a big catch.
The new paddle clips are removable and the same type as was on the other W kayak. This time I added a poly tubing bumper under the door hook surface so it snaps in place but can be removed easily. This is because with the others strap tied in I was snapping them off when I had to drag the boat through brush to reach the water. The hooks never broke but the ties did.
All in all now being back in a W is such a relief. Everything is easier and in fact safer than the sit insides or the sit on tops in the fleet. Next week we may have shot at a tarpon or two down in Crystal River. Wow, come to think of it the trip will have two W500’s fishing together.


One thought on “Jeff’s Report From His First W500 Kayak Fishing Trip”

  1. Nice job sliming the New W500 Jeff.
    And since you’ve owned the W300 prior to the W500, there was no learning curve!! 🙂
    I knew you’d be amazed at the way that W500 handles, during battle, casting, standing and paddling.
    Stable beyond belief, simply the best yak Ever!!

    Hope you get into some tarpon Jeff, we’ll be waiting for your report. 🙂

    Tight lines

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