Jeff Got a Big Cardboard Box, With His New W500 Fishing Kayak in it

-“The phone rang, and it was the driver from the trucking company, a very nice gentleman. I asked him to meet me right downtown three blocks since his huge semi would have had issues on the old narrow brick streets. Same great service as before, this trucking firm was wonderful to deal with.”

“So here are a few first pictures. This is so hard to type since my hands are quivering in the anticipation of paddling this beauty and of course pulling fish over the side.”

Fishing kayak packed in a cardbiard box

“This is one pretty boat Yoav, a real masterpiece. Please extend my thanks to the entire Wavewalk Team up there.

Jeff sitting in his new W500 fishing kayak

9 thoughts on “Jeff Got a Big Cardboard Box, With His New W500 Fishing Kayak in it”

  1. Congrats Jeff! Don’t forget to take the boat out of the box before you go fishing 😀

  2. The comfort difference is unbelievable.
    Yak back is real in the old generation yaks.

    old style fishing kayak vs. W500 fishing kayak

    Tomorrow I’ll do the rigging. Anchor trolley and all the other stuff.
    Of course I’ll be shooting pictures the whole time.

  3. Hey John, I don’t think I’ll be doing any paint scheme on the boat in the near future. I do of course have my signature on each end on top of the deck in metalic silver. My first task is rigging. Any of that I do here is all done keeping in mind saltwater fish are very powerful. A five pound jack will spin you around and go every direction you don’t want it to before you get it to the boat. So we rig in a manner that there is nothing hanging off or over anyplace. The side paddle holders will be rigged drop in like my 300 boats. That way we don’t even have to set it across the gunnels sticking out either side. Your tiger stripes would be great here for helping the jet ski crazy folks to see you before impact. I just don’t know how long they would last in the intense sun we have. The hat I’m wearing in the photos is one of my W hats that was dark navy blue when it was new. Now it’s sort of light slate grey, all sun fading.

  4. Jeff, Congrats on the New W500. You won’t believe the difference.
    I’m still in awe. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your first sliming!! 🙂

    Tight line and Happy rigging!!

  5. Ok, I’ve read enough information on the w500 and have seen just about all the videos on you tube, I’m gonna go ahead and do this, I gonna order one.

  6. Superb read! I just explored your website and will surely become a regular lurker now. Keep up the brilliant work.

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